What can we expect from The Crown series 3

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Who else is excited about series 3 of The Crown returning to Netflix later this month? I am a massive fan of the first two series and I cannot wait to see the reboot in a different time frame with new faces of our beloved characters. 

What does the series have in store? 

If you have seen the trailer, check it out below.

After seeing the trailer huhmmmmm (7 times now I think) I’ve decided to do a little research to find out who is who and what storylines will be taking center stage this time around. 

Same characters, new faces! 

As we already know Olivia Coleman will be taking on the role of the Queen from Claire Foy. I think she has big shoes to fill, but from seeing the released photos and trailers, I’m not disappointed. 

Taking over from Matt Smith as Prince Phillip is Tobias Menzies, he has been in many films and TV shows including Casino Royle, Rome, and Game of Thrones. I’m really interested to see where they take his character this time. I’m hoping he will be more settled and supportive, but I’m really hoping he has similar comedic timing and one’s liners, just like Matt Smith, did with his character.

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I like the symmetry to the next casting, Helen Bonham Carter takes over from the fabulous Vanessa Kirby to play the older Princess Margaret. She played the Queen Mother in the Kings Speech. Just like Olivia Coleman, Helen Bonham Carter has some big shoes to fill. 

I really liked the way Vanessa Kirby portrayed Margaret, through documentaries I have learned that she was seen as the ’it’ girl or the party Princess. The way she was portrayed in The Crown showed at times a vulnerable and distort young woman who couldn’t marry the man she loved. So it will be interesting to see how Helen Bonham Carter plays her. 

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Another casting I am really pleased about and only really noticed from the trailer was Charles Dance is playing Lord Mountbatten. I loved him as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the series!  

The Timeline for series 3 

The last series was set between 1956 and 1964, it covered events including the Suez Crisis, the marriage of Princess Margrett, The Kennady’s visit to Buckingham Palace, and the assassination of JFK, The Profumo affair finishing off with the birth of Prince Edward. 

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Series 3 is believed to be set between 1964-1977. From the first teaser trailer that Netflix released, we saw the subtle nod to Clair Foy’s Queen and bringing in Olivia Coleman’s Queen with a new postage stamp, showing the Queen as a ‘settled sovereign.’ 

This teaser has set the tone nicely for the series as I think we see less of the Queens and Phillip’s struggles. The first two series were more about how they adjusted to royal duty. Now they are settled I hope we will see more struggles from the supporting characters, Princess Margrett and her marriage to Lord Snowdon, and the grown-up royal children Prince Charles and Princess Anne, around this time, they were taking on more royal duties. 

In the trailer, we see the Queen celebrating her Silver Jubilee, The Investiture of the Prince of Wales, the funeral of Winston Churchill and possibly a growing sibling rivalry between The Queen and Princess Margrett. I’m sure other events will be featured, including the Moon landing, Beatles mania and the rise of Harold Wilson’s political career. We might even see the wedding of Princess Anne? 

What I’m hoping to see?

With the timeline starting in the mid-’60s and finishing in the late 70’s I’m hoping to see more or the grown-up children Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Especially Charles. I hope the series shows how he grows into his role as the Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles is played by new-comer Josh O’Connor. From pictures released by Netflix and from the trailers the likeness between the real Prince Charles and Josh O’Connor is uncanny. He has the awkwardness down. 

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From watching a few documentaries about the Royal Family, I think Charles was under a lot of pressure to marry and produce an heir and a spare. His relationship with Camilla was frowned upon, as she was not seen as a suitable match. It was rumoured the royals were worried Prince Charles would follow the footsteps of the previous Prince of Wales (the Duke of Windsor) So a meeting was set up in Paris for the pair to meet. 

I would love to see this meeting imagined in the series, as it would be interesting to see the writer’s interpretation of what could have taken place. I love how the Duke of Windsor’s character was portrayed in the last two series, and I would love to see him appear on screen one last time, as he died in 1972.

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I think after Margrett, Charles’s character will take centre stage, as he battles with his sense of duty. It was highly reported at the time that the Charles in his 20’s was known as the playboy Prince. 

Let’s not forget that he meets Camilla in the 70’s, so we will probably see their early romance, develop on screen. But the character that everyone is waiting for, Diana isn’t due to make an appearance until series 4. 

The Crown - MishMeshBlog

I hope you enjoyed reading, What can we expect from The Crown series 3. All I can say now is roll on 17th November! What do you want to see in The Crown Series 3, I’d love to know. Leave a comment in the box below.

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