September Favourites

September Favourites - mishmeshblog

Oh hey! I’m back with another monthly favourites post. How was your September? Mine has been quite a busy one. It feels like the last few months have flown by! Now we are heading into the final quarter of the year. 

Hopefully, I have some exciting things to look forward to, before the year is out! Which of course I’ll update you on, in another post.  

But firsts things first, let me share with you my September monthly favourites. 

Breaking Bad – Netflix 

I started watching this series back in December during the Christmas and New Year break. I got halfway through series four and for some reason, I didn’t finish it? It may have been that a newer series came along (I can be fickle like that!) or I forgot about it after I was back into my regular work routine. 

September Favourites - mishmeshblog

Over the last few weeks, I have picked up from where I left off and I have been really enjoying it. The character development of Walt is probably one of the best of the series, to remember how good he was, at the start, and to see what lengths he is prepared to go to, in covering up his tracks is a massive u-turn. 

September Favourites - mishmeshblog

He takes risks and has become very unpredictable and in some ways scary. I think one of my favourite episodes was the series 4 finale – I won’t spoil it for you those of you that haven’t seen it, but if you know, you know! It really is a gripping series, it builds suspense slowly and shocks you with the final outcome of the storyline. 

Love Beauty and Planet – Tea Tree Oil and Vetiver Face Cleansing Gel 

I first heard about this brand after watching a beauty feature on This Morning. Like most people, I am trying to be conscious about the environment and I’m starting to make small changes in my beauty routine in the effort to become a bit more sustainable. 

All of Love Beauty and Planet products are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and are packaged in recyclable materials. Most of the ingredients from this cleanser are natural and ethically sourced. I have really liked using this cleanser as a little bit goes a long way, it smells lovely and I have really enjoyed using Tea Tree oil. This is a strong favourite of mine at the moment. 

Kettlebell Workouts – Body Coach TV

I’m really trying to get back into my fitness routine, and I’m actually enjoying it! With fitness I’m very hit and miss, I tend to start off well for a few weeks and lose interest. So far I have managed to go 4 times a week throughout September, which for me is quite a big deal! I really want to try and keep this up indefinitely. 

Although at times, for whatever reason, It can be hard making it to all my classes. Sometimes it could be that my class is full or that I have a social event that I wanted to go to. For those occasions, I have worked out at home. Some of the workouts that I have been enjoying the most are the Kettlebell works out on Joe Wicks’ Body Coach YouTube channel. 

I think a Kettlebell is such a great piece of gym equipment it’s very versatile and you can make it quite challenging, and it works most of the muscle groups in your body. The next step for me is to work on upping my weight. 

Gariner SkinActive Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask

I have always loved a face mask and these eye tissue masks are no exception! I think I have mentioned them in another post, but I generally enjoy using them. If I have had a few late nights, I like to use them to help reduce the dark circles and give the skin around my eye area a bit more moisture. 

I have started using them some mornings while I have my morning tea! It’s good to start the day with a little pampering! 

Red Canvas Midi Summer Dress – New Look  

Ok ok I know summer is over but I couldn’t not share with you my dress of the summer! I had my eye on a thick strap and button-down midi dress for a while, I very nearly bought a similar one in white from H&M. 

But this orangey-red one from New Look won me over! The thick straps and sweetheart neckline are very flattering along with the waistline and the thick buttons down the front. 

The material is very lightweight and it made me feel very comfortable, It was a dress I practically lived in throughout the summer months. I’m very sad to put away, but I’m sure It will make an appearance next summer. 

Blue Flip Flops – Havaianas 

Flip flops have been my other summer staple that I’m that quite sad to say goodbye to. I usually live in flip flops when I’m on holiday but I have also started to wear them while I’m in the UK too. I love this shade of blue as they match most things in my wardrobe too. 

These flip flop also remind me of some lovely summer memories as I bought these when I was away in Portugal earlier this year. The weather we had was some of the hottest that I have experienced and the beaches were not only beautiful but very clean as well. (this little entry will be my last mention of summer I promise). 

Friends Pyjamas 

I feel that sometimes I own more pyjamas and comfies that anything else. But I love wearing them as soon as I get home. As soon as the bra comes off the hair goes up into a bun and the pyjamas are on, I’m usually not leaving the house. (I’m sure I’m not the only person this applies to either) 

My favourite pair at the moment are these cute ones from Primark. I saw them in there ages ago, I didn’t need them, but I had to have them, cos it’s Friends related init! They are quite lightweight and comfortable, but I may have to swap them for something a bit warmer soon as Winter is on its way. 

So that’s about for my August and September favourites post. Let me know what you have been loving lately. I hope you have a great October and I’ll see you on the post. 

bye for now 

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