My Top Six Pre-Mixed Gins and why I love them

My top six pre-mixed gins - mishmeshblog

If you follow me over on Instagram, you might know that I love my Gin. I love buying new gins to try, some of my all-time favorites are Hendricks, Sipsmith, Tanquary and the many liquors from Edinburgh Gin. 

But what I’m loving at the minute is the recent explosion of the pre-mixed Gin cans that are available in many supermarkets. I think these cans or tinnies as I call them are great as you can take them on picnics or down the beach and they are a great way to try a new gin without spending £20 or £30 on a bottle that you may or may not like. 

Bloom & Fentimans Gin & Rose Lemonade – 275ml

This is probably one of my favourite pre-mixed gins. I love Bloom gin and before I saw this pre-mixed bottle, I’d never have thought of this combination on my own. Which is another great plus of the ready-mixed versions. 

Fentimans Rose lemonade on its own has a subtle sweet flavor which is very refreshing. Paired with the floral flavors of Bloom gin it makes a lovely refreshing mix. 

Edinburgh Gin – Rhubarb Gin and Ginger Ale – 250ml 

The Rhubarb liqueur Gin from Edinburgh Gin has been a strong favourite of mine for a few years now. Being a liqueur this Gin is a lot sweeter than the typical London Dry Gins. I used to drink this gin with a fever tree Indian tonic water, or at Christmas when I’m feeling fancy I would drink it with a drop of two of Prosecco.  

One evening I was in Tescos I noticed the pre-mixed version paired with Ginger Ale. The flavors go so well together, the ginger brings out the rhubarb flavor and the ginger gives it an extra tang. This is by far my favourite pairing. 

SipSmith Gin – London Dry Gin & Light Tonic 25cl 

This is very new to the market, I think I first saw it back in June. This Gin is the London Dry from SipSmith which for the record is a very nice traditional Gin.

There aren’t any fancy mixes with this one, just a good traditional London dry gin mix with a light tonic, which is refreshing and not at all overpowering. It’s perfect for people who don’t like much fuss. 

Gordons Pink Gin & Tonic Mix – 250ml 

Sometimes Pink gins can get a bit of a reputation for being a bit girly, but don’t let the colour fool you. Pink gins pack plenty of flavors!

With raspberry and redcurrant mixed with a premium tonic, it gives an overall fruity taste which is perfect to have in the summer at a picnic or beach BBQ! This gin is by far my favourite of the pink gins out there!  

Pimms – ready to drink mix – 250ml

The original and one of the best! Pimms ready to drink cans have been around way before all the pre-mixed gins. Even with so much choice, it is still one of my go-to’s.

They are great for when I’m drinking at a summer BBQ, down at the beach or at a Friends’s house. Mixed with lemonade this is a fruity refreshing drink is pretty much the summer staple that everyone loves. 

Tescos Low Alcohol G&T – 250ml

What I have noticed recently is the low alcohol alternatives of pre-mixed gins. I think it’s a great idea if you want to drink responsibly, or you’re not really in the mood for a strong drink (it could be a school night for example). These Low alcohol versions are a great substitute. 

This one from Tescos is a lovely tasting drink. You can taste the juniper and zesty flavors. Which go together nicely, It’s pretty pocket-friendly, at a £1.00 per can. 

I’m a massive fan of pre-mixed gins. I think it’s quite exciting that companies are releasing our beloved tipple in ready to drink versions!  

You don’t have to buy a large bottle, if you aren’t sure if you will like the gin. When you go to parties, carrying around big bottles of gin and many bottles of tonics, isn’t always Ideal. So let’s raise of glass (or in this case a tinnie) to my top six pre-mixed gins. 

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know if you are loving the many choices of pre-mixed drinks that are currently on offer. And please share your favourites*

See you on the next one.

*just a little side note as it were, always remember to drink responsibility, and in moderation*

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