My 2019 June and July Favourites

I wish I could say what amazing weather we are having this summer, But I would be lying! Where is my summer Mr weatherman? We were so spoilt, last year, with back to back days of sunshine! This year has been a right wash out! 

Now we are in September and I can’t quite believe how quickly this year is going. It has been a busy few months and I have been doing quite a lot lately. Some of these things have made it into my June and July monthly favourites, which I’m going to share with now.

Tennis tournament at Eastbourne  

Every June me and my dad go to the Eastbourne Woman’s Association Tour and the ATP tour. Held in the last week of June and every year we see some great tennis. 

We have been lucky enough to see up and coming Tennis stars Johanna Konta, Kyle Emounds, and Caroline Wozniacki. 

This year we saw a great match between Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep. It was the match of the day, they both played some great tennis and Kerber ended up winning. What is also very cool, is that both players are now Wimbledon champions. Kerber won in 2018 and Halep currently holds the title. 

Eastbourne is a great summer highlight for me because I get a day in the sunshine watching tennis with a glass of Pimms and some strawberries and cream. I also get to spend some quality time with my dad, which I always enjoy. 

Paddleboarding along the Cuckmere River 

I think the reason why I am unhappy with the weather this year is that I haven’t been able to use my paddleboard as much as I would like. Last year I was out all the time. 

One of my favourite paddles of this summer has to be the afternoon paddling down the Cuckmere River. It’s a great spot and really popular with paddleboarders and kayakers. 

You can do a couple of different routes, one way you can go out to sea and paddle into Eastbourne and the other way take you through the downs, I choose to do the inland route, which was beautiful. 

I love being out in the water, it’s a great way to switch off and enjoy the scenery around the area I live in. I hope I get the chance to go out a few more times before summer ends.

Spice Girls – Wembley Stadium 

We got tickets to see the Spice Girls! It was a long wait as we got them in November, but the wait was so worth it. In the run up to the show I kept an eye on all their Instagram pages to see sneak peaks and pictures from behind the scenes, which made me even more excited.

I loved every minute of it. We didn’t want go home. I want to do it all again. The journey up was also fun. I went with two friends on a coach so we could have a few cheeky Gins on the way up. 

Spice up your life!

The show was amazing, the staging was awesome, it was very nostalgistic with a modern twist. They did all their well-known hits including Spice Up Your Life, Mama, Who Do You Think You Are, Stop, Say You’re Be There, Holler and of course Wannabe. They also did a few album tracks too. 

I loved that they closed the show with Wannabe and all wore similar or the same costumes that they wore in the original video. The costumes were awesome, each Spice Girl had their own house, and each house was styled to each Spice Girl. House Scary was leather and leopard, Sporty’s house was blue and sporty wear. House of Ginger was union jack prints and very military and regal, final house baby was bubblegum pinks and purple and very cute.

I felt like I was 10 years old again. Can they tour every year. 

Start the fans please – The Crystal Maze Experience

At the end of July, I went to Manchester for a friends hen do. The main activity we did was the Crystal Maze Experience. Which was just amazing!

For some reason, I thought it would just be an escape room, but I was so wrong! It was pretty much like the TV show. We did games in all four zones, Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and medieval. I think my favourite zone was medieval, as that is the zone we won our first Crystal in.

When we arrived we were told that we would get own maze master to take us around the maze. Ours was so lovely and he made that much better by trying to help us out as much as possible.

Between 7 of us, we all got to play two games each, with our Bride doing the final game and winning us a crystal. I didn’t do so great in my games, it looks so easy on the TV, but the pressure really got to me. One of the games I got was to try and get from one side of a net to another without ringing the bells tied to it. I was crap! 

To top off a great experience we got to try our luck in the dome to try and win some golden tickets. If you are ever in Manchester I would highly recommend giving it a go. We toasted our victories in the Friends cafe they have in Primark! (it was a bit early for a glass of Prosecco!

Love Island – ITV

OK, I can’t really write a June and July favourites list without mentioning Love Island can I? It would be a bit wrong of me wouldn’t it!

I felt this was quite an open series as going into the final weeks there weren’t many strong couples, which meant it was anyone’s game. 

I loved all the drama Maura bought with her. She was a very interesting character, she didn’t take any shit and she always spoke her mind. It was a shame she didn’t start from the begging, but she gave the oomph that the series needed this year. 

In all honesty, Amy wasn’t one of my favourites but I really felt for her when things didn’t work out with Curtis. All of us related to her at that moment, because we can all remember a time when we have been rejected and had our heart broken – just not on national TV.

She managed to take control of the situation and left with on her own terms and with her head held high. (also loving the new look the short hair really suits her.)

I think my favourite person after Maura, of course, was Ovie. Another person I wish started from the begging. I loved his style and how he came across. He looked after Amber when she really needed cheering up, he put Micheal in his place and he was a proper gent. 

Now it’s over I’m finding it hard to fill the void at 9pm each evening. I also really enjoyed listening to the daily podcasts on my way to work. 

Graze Lemon and Blueberry bars 

I love a little snack bar, I always like to have one in my bag or in my car for when I get a bit hungry. (which for me is quite frequently) 

Graze have some great superfood bars which I have mentioned in the past. This lemon and blueberry flavour is my new favourite bar from Graze. Don’t get me wrong I love a chocolate fix, but I these beat the coco ones I mentioned in a recent post.

You can really taste a strong lemon zest flavour, which reminds me of a lemon drizzle cake or the lemon cupcakes I make. 

The Leah Dress – Asos

Forget about the ‘IT’ dress from Zara, this dress is my ‘IT’ dress of the summer. Affectionally nicknamed the ‘Leah Dress’ by fashion and lifestyle influencer @Devotedtopink. (If you know, you know.) This dress has been a strong favourite of mine.

I really into wrap dresses and T-shirt style dresses ATM as I find them so flattering too. I’d like to buy more dresses in this style.  

If you need some fashion inspiration, I suggest you check out @Devotedtopink instagram page, I think she has great style and I have bought a few outfits she has featured on her page. She has encouraged me to be a bit braver with colours and patterns. 

This style of print is bright and vibrant and very unlike the styles of print I usually go for. I decided to be a bit daring and I’m so glad that I did. I have been given some lovely compliments when I wear it. 

So there you are, all my June and July monthly favourites. There have been quite a lot to cover, but I hope you haven’t found it too long!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of August, lets hope for some last-minute sunshine, See you all on the next one.

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