April and May Favourites

Well well, no surprises here that I’m incredibly late with my April and May favourites! I like to say better late than never! It has been quite hectic with my day job at the minute, so blogging is the last thing I have wanted to do! I needed a bit of head space to just take a step back and breathe!

But now the madness has died down, so here I am catching up on a few posts. My April and May favourites being the first in the queue.

So here is my round up of all the things I have been loving throughout April and May. As always, I’d love to know what you think, so please leave a comment in the box below.

Line of Duty – BBC1

Who else has become obsessed with the goings on at AC-12 and who was nervous that Hastings could have been the bent copper H? Each series of Line of Duty gets better in my opinion.

This is the 5th series and it has gone up a gear. It’s darker and there have been some dramatic twists and turns. Especially in episode four, which I didn’t see coming. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. But I will give you a brief overview of this amazing series.

Line of Duty follows AC-12 officers Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming as they are trying to uncover the mystery bent copper who goes by the name ‘H’. He/she has played a part in organised crime groups since the first series. When you think they are close to uncovering who may be behind it all, you find out a new piece of information that spins the storyline on a different path, or the character who holds the key to more information gets killed!

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

I think this is one of the best series I have watched and every year they get great guest stars to appear, who always add a new dynamic. I’ve been binge watching old series on Netflix to see if I can spot any new clues and to make sure I haven’t forgotten any key information so far. As it has got complicated.

I also have enjoyed taking part in Twitter conversations to share theories with other fans, which is one of the reasons why I love Twitter. Most people on the Twittersphere are torn over Ted Hastings, is he or isn’t he bent?

Graze – Cocoa Vanilla Superfood Oat Bites

You probably know by now that I get obsessed with snack foods, the naked bars are still up there but I have recently discovered these bad boys! And I can’t get enough of them.

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

Graze have some great protein bars and other snacks, but these are my current faves! Made with Cocoa Vanilla, cacao and whole oats, these are great to fill you up if you start to get a bit peckish. They only have 140 calories they are the perfect chocolatly fix.

Floral Dress from SilkFred

I know last month I talked about my bargain dress from eBay, well this month I decided to splash out and treat myself to dress from SilkFred. I don’t usually splash out but I had a bit of an impulse moment and thought why not! (sorry wallet)

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

But it’s good to treat yourself once in a while. I’m glad I did as I love wearing it. It is another wrap dress which I find so flattering. I love the Chinese inspired print and the and the flowing sleeves. I wore it to a wedding, and I got lots of lovely comments. It was so comfortable to wear throughout the day.

I have a few more smart events coming up, so I’m sure this dress will be worn several more times.


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this notebook appear in some of my more recent posts. I just love a good notebook, well I love any stationary to be fair! But pretty notebooks especially are a big weakness of mine.

This pretty baby pink notebook is from TKmax and I love it! The cover has a lovely soft feel to it and the pages have nice quality lined paper.

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

I prefer writing all my blog post ideas in a notebook, there is just something about a good old pen and paper that I find freeing. It’s a lot easier to be creative too.  

Soap and Glory – Split Happens Conditioning Oil

This featured on my Hels Hot List a few months ago and I have now finally got round to trying it.

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

I try and use it every time I dry and style my hair, when I do it leaves my hair feeling so soft. It smells amazing and doesn’t make my hair greasy as some other serums I have tried tend to.

Soap and Glory – Face Soap Clarity 3 in 1 Vitamin C Facial Wash

This 3 in 1 vitamin face wash is a great addition to my skincare routine. I like to switch up my skincare regularly and this face wash is a strong favourite.

I usually use this at the end of the day, I love the exfoliating beads as I feel it gets rid of all the dirt that gets on my face during the day. It leaves my skin looking bright and feeling really refreshed.

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

This face wash was in a Christmas gift set, so I might have to spring for the full sized version very soon.

Friends Candle – Primark

You probably know that I’m a massive fan of Friends, so I’m all here for the Friends branded goodies from Primark, especially the little scented candles. They are ‘friendly’ on the pocket and they smell amazing. I also love the motif on the casing as well.

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

This one I bought has a lovely vanilla scent. I want to get more but I haven’t seen any for ages 🙁

Game of Thrones

Hands up, if you were gripped with the season finale of Game of Thrones? It was a massive talking point at my work. I think all the non watchers got bored! (SPOILER ALERT!) It started off so well, didn’t it?

The first episode was my favourite with all the Character reunions, especially Jon and Arya’s, and that awkward moment between Brann and Jamie. Sam told Jon who his parents really were, which was the moment I was waiting for. I also loved it when Jon rode a dragon.

Now I’ve let the whole series sink in and had time to reflect on it, I’m happy with how it all ended. All the loose ends were all tried up, but it did feel a bit rushed.

Mish Mesh Blog - My six favourite Games of Thrones Episodes

George RR Martin promised a bittersweet ending, and that’s what we got. With Jon killing Daenerys and having to live with the guilt, he goes back to where he started. Sansa was crowned queen of the North and the Lady of Winterfell and Arya got to explore west of Westeros, Although part of me wanted to see her end up with Gendry.

I think they could have done another few series, the battle of Winterfell should have been a series finale and then the sack of Kingslanding would have been the focus of another series. I think we missed many scenes where they took about tactics and politics.

Mish Mesh Blog - My six favourite Games of Thrones Episodes

What I really appreciated about the whole series was the amount of work that was involved in making it. The special effects, the costumes, and the set design. Each episode felt like a blockbuster film. They really raised the bar for each series. Which is why I think Game of Thrones will go down as the best TV show in history. For more Game of Thrones content click here

Mish Mesh Blog - April and May favourites round up

So there you have it, my April and May Favourites. I hope you have a great month and we will catch up soon.

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