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A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about some of the podcasts I had just discovered. Since then I have discovered even more fantastic podcasts, that I enjoy listening to, and I think you will too. So here are some of my new favourites.

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Happy Place Podcast

What is it about?

Presented by Fearne Cotton. In each episode, she meets with well known and influential people to discuss what happiness means to them. They also talk about love, loss and what struggles they have met along the way.

The first series has featured many famous people including Gok Wan, Emma Willis, Melanie Chisholm, Davina McCall, and Dawn French.

Fearne discusses many topics, including addiction with Davina McCall, adoption with Dawn French and body image with Emma Willis. Each guest talks honestly about what they have been through. Which is really refreshing

Why should you listen?

I used to listen to Fearne Cotton on Radio One back in the day. It’s nice to hear her voice again. She has made a great transition into podcasts. It’s like catching up or checking in with an old friend.

She handles sensitive subject matters with ease and compassion. She is helping to break down barriers about mental health, eating disorders and body image.

It is really refreshing to see another side of famous and well-known people talking about the struggles they have had. How they have overcome them and how they have found their own ‘happy place’. The chats are just so real and genuine.

It makes them feel more human and relatable and that they have made it into a happier place, you can too.

Some of my favourite episode highlights feature chats with Davina McCall, Dawn French, and Emma Willis.

Evil Genius

What is it about?

This podcast is more light-hearted and presented by comedian Russell Kane. Each episode he invites a panel to discuss great historical figures who are well known for greatness. The panel is given new facts about these people, and have to decide if they are evil or a genius. Hence the title Evil Genius.

Why should you listen?

This is such a great idea for a podcast. I learned lots of interesting facts about well known historical figures that I’d never knew. It explores the dark side of peoples personas that have never never been widely talked about.

We know all the great things about them but nothing about the darker side of their personas. For example, you find out that Cocco Channel was apparently a Nazi sympathizer. Joan Crawford was abusive to her children, and JFK was a bit of a sex addict. (Yes for real)

It can work the other way too, you find out nice facts about people that you thought were evil. For example, Maggie Thatcher was at the forefront of Climate change way back in the ’70s. Something I never knew.

All facts are delivered with excellent knowledge and comedic timing from Russell Kane and his fellow panel of comedians.

Some of my favourite episodes feature facts about Joan Crawford, Walt Disney, and JFK.

If you like dark comedy and have an interest in famous historical figures, this podcast will be right up your street.

Overnight Success with Maria Hatzistefanis

What is it about?

This podcast is more inspirational and gives creative ideas for women in business. Presented by Businesswoman Maria Hatzistefanis, who founded her own skincare group Rodial. She has also written a book ‘How to be an Overnight Success’. Her book gives insights into how she built her brand.

Each Podcast has a different topic, some examples are, How to be yourself on Instagram. How not to procrastinate (which I definitely need help with!). The episode that I have just finished listening to – How to slay Instagram, in this particular episode, Maria shares her own tips for success.

Some of her episodes feature guests, influencers, bloggers and business people. While other episodes feature podcaster and writer Liv Siddall. I think by doing this it keeps the podcast interesting a fresh.

Why should you listen?

I have only started listening to this podcast and already I’m really enjoying them. I’m starting to get some new ideas for my blog and my Instagram feed.

I loved Maria’s tips for Instagram. One of the tips I have tried to take on board is to have an allotted time for social activities and then when that’s up, switch off.

The episode with influencer Lorna Luxe was very insightful. Lorna talked about how she developed her own personal brand using social media. She gave an insight on how she posts and hows she stayed true to herself.

She is a social influencer, who started posting on Instagram in her 30’s. I found this information very refreshing as many bloggers start from a young age. It is a nice reminder that there is room for everyone.

This is a really inspiring podcast for professional women and it’s worth giving it a listen.

White Wine Question Time

What is it about?

White Wine Question Time has a slightly similar format to The Happy Place podcast. The few differences are the multiple guests and the involvement of wine. Presented by Kate Thronton, who invites three guests to talk about life-defining moments over a couple of glasses of wine. There are tears and laughter, it reminds me of a typical night in with my own friends.

Why should I listen?

Kate is another presenter turned podcaster and she asks interesting and thought-provoking questions. She also has a very sympathetic ear and the conversations are sometimes very raw but very genuine.

Some of my favourite episodes are the ones with Tamzin Outhwaite and Myleene Klass. The episode with Kate’s Loose Women co-stars is also very funny and lively.

They talk about many subjects and touch on how important female friendships have been to them over the years. They talk about how these friendships give then the strength to keep fighting. It really feels like you are part of the ultimate girl gang. They can get carried away and lose track of what they are talking about. We can all do when we have a glass of vino.

It is a great listen as it makes touch topics seem more real and the guests are easy to relate to.

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So these are the new podcasts I’ve been listening to, let me know what you think. I’d love to know what you’re listening to so let me know in the box below.

See you on the next one

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