My six favourite Games of Thrones episodes

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Happy Game of Thrones Day! Hands up if you are excited about Game of Thrones series 8? Not long to go now! I can’t wait to find out what happens, who will live and who will die and who will finally sit on the Iron Throne?

I will be a bit sad when it is all over, as it is such a gripping series, I have been shocked so many times when they kill a character I love.

In this post, I want to share with you my favourite episodes from the series. But before I begin a little bit of admin…

This post will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen series 7 then don’t read any further.

Right, for those who are still with me, here are my six favourite Game of Thrones episodes.

6. The Spoils of War – Series 7, Episode 4

There is one reason why this episode has made it onto this list and that’s because of the epic battle scene that takes place in the last 10 minutes of the episode.

Daenerys is angry that she is losing to Cersei – she has lost the Iron Islands and Dorne, and the Lannisters have taken High Garden all of the gold and most of the food.

To make a stand she retaliates against the Lannisters by destroying their army and the loot trains as they head back to Kings Landing, Daenerys shows up with her dragons and her army. The scenes packed full of action and are pretty cool, in special effects terms.

This is the first time we see her in battle and see how powerful she has become. She has arrived in Westeros and she is coming to take back what is rightfully hers. The stocked look on Jamie’s face after the Lannister’s defeat really says it all.

The final scene of this episode, you think Jamie’s luck has finally run out when he sees an opportunity to kill Daenerys but Drago sees what is about to happen and protects her, Bronn rides up behind Jamie and pushes him out of harms way into the river.

The episode is really frilling to watch as a lot going on The dragons, the fighting scenes, and all the destruction.

5. The Broken Man – Series 6, Episode 7

GOT fans everywhere were upset when we thought Arya left the Hound for dead. They made a great unlikely duo and had some great scenes together. The Hound has been one of favourite secondary characters for most of the series. He doesn’t really give a shit and he has some of the bluntest lines in the show.

I actually thought he had died in typical GOT fashion they always kill off fan favorites, buy usually the characters die on screen. So when he re-appeared in episode 7 of series 6 I was so happy he was back.

At the beginning of the episode, The Hound has now joined some kind of peace cult and is trying to live a kinder life, he is trying to leave all the bad and evil that he has done behind and start again. He realises at the end of the episode he can’t leave it behind, he is too far down the line, and heads out on his own again, when the episode comes to a close.

4. The Battle of the Bastards – Series 6, Episode 9

Jon and Sansa have been reunited at Castleblack and decide that they will take back Winterfell. They want and save their little brother Rickon from Ramsay Bolton. The battle is a classic David and Goliath story as Jon is seriously outnumbered compared to Ramsay’s massive army.

Sansa throughout the episode tells Jon she knows what to do to outsmart Ramsay, but Jon doesn’t really listen to her. Sansa knows Ramsay will play with his mind and outsmart him.

Like Sansa predicted, Ramsay outsmarts Jon and gets him to run into the middle of the battlefield to try and save their brother Rickon. Jon stranded as Ramsay sends his men to battle. It really isn’t looking great from Jon, he is getting trampled, and the Bolton army has him and his men surrounded until Sansa comes to the rescue with the Knights from the Vale.

Jon and the Wildlings manage to storm Winterfell and defeat Ramsay. Jon almost beats him to death but spares him. In the next scene, tied up in the kennels and Sansa is talking to him, finally, after everything Ramsay put her through, she is now the one in control. Ramsay’s hounds who have been starved for seven days eat him alive.

I like this episode for a few reasons, Sansa and Jon begin to work together and start to trust each other, they are all the other one has. Sansa begins to come into her own, she has become cunning after she has watched and learned from the likes of Cersei, Tyrion, and Little Finger, she has grown up and is becoming a great politician in her own right, that gains her a lot of respect from the Lords in the North.

Jon comes into his own as well, he is growing into a warrior. In one scene from the battle he rises up from the muddy ground after almost being trampled, I see it as a symbol of him being born again into the rightful heir of Winterfell – as at this point both Jon and Sansa have no idea that Bran and Arya are still alive.

3. Home – Series 6, Episode 2

Home starts with Sir Davos, Tormund and Edd trying to guard Jon’s body in the castle’s chamber. Tormund, Davos and the Wildlings fight off the brothers from the Nightwatch to keep them from burning Jon’s body.

What’s interesting about this episode is Davos has to convince a reluctant Melisandre to attempt to bring Jon back. Davos has never really believed in her powers and they have never seen eye to eye, but Melisandre is having a lack in her faith after everything she has been through with Stannis. After a lot of convincing from Davos, she gives it a try.

We all wait with bated breath while Melisandre attempts the impossible. When she has finished her chants, it appears she has failed so Tormund, Melisandre, Edd and lastly Davos leave the chamber, then with only Ghost in the room, Jon awakes suddenly and takes his first breath, then the episode closes. What a great way to end an episode!

2. For the Children – Series 4, Episode 10

This is the episode where Tyrion kills his own father Tywin with a crossbow while he is on the privy. In this episode, Tyrion is awaiting his execution after wrongly being accused of murdering Joffrey. Jamie helps him escape, instead of leaving Kings Landing straight away he goes to his father’s chambers. There he finds his lover Shae in Tywin’s bed.

She thinks it Tywin and calls him ‘My Lion’ as she previously did to Tyrion. She tries to attack him with a knife, but Tyrion strangles her and then goes to find his father.

He finds him on the privy and confronts him about Shae, he admits that he loved her. Tywin doesn’t believe for one second that Tyrion has the guts to shoot him. Tywin tries to negotiate with him but fails and Tyrion shoots him with Joffrey’s crossbow.

I think it was quite a comical end to Tywin as he is the powerful head of the Lannister family, a great politician, and a master in battle and he dies on the privy. Tyrion has always had a testing relationship with his father, he is quite downtrodden at this point and his father has always resented him. So this is Tyrion’s way to break free.

1. The Winds of Winter – Series 6, Episode 10

There are two episodes I really like in the big Jon Snow parentage reveal. We are shown the big secret in a flashback scene via Bran’s visions, (you know from my Friends post that I love a flashback!)

Near the end of Winds of Winter, we see Bran re-enter an earlier vision he has of the young Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy. Robert’s Rebellion is over, Prince Rhaegar is dead and Ned is looking for his sister Lyanna. He defeats the king’s guards and finds Lyanna in the tower covered in blood after childbirth.

Lyanna is dying, in her last moments, she hands Ned her son and asks Ned to protect him She whispers something to Ned, (that we don’t quite hear). We see the little’s baby’s face and then the scene transitions to Jon Snow in the present day. Mind blown!

The best kept secret

In the very beginning, we hear lots of characters talking about Rhaegar and Lyanna. Robert was in love with Lyanna and they were going to marry. Cerisi feels she can never live up to her memory. Robert has so much hatred for Rhaegar and what he did to Lyanna. Roberts whole rebellion started because he wanted to save her.

We find out she had Rhaegar’s son and Jon’s dad is, in fact, a Targerian. Ned has kept his promise to his sister and kept this massive secret that has the potential to change everything.

The Dragon and the Wolf – Series 7, Episode 7

In the Dragon and the Wolf, we find out more information about Rhaegar and Lyanna with the help and Sam (oh and Gilly). They are both at Winterfell and Bran tells Sam that Jon isn’t Ned’s son, and his last name isn’t Snow its Sand, as he was born in Dorne. He believes Jon is the bastard son of Rhaegar Targerian and his Aunt Lyanna.  

Sam then reveals that he read a High Septon’s journal that said in secret Rhaegar had his marriage to his first wife Ella Martell annulled and he married Lyanna. Bran views their wedding and Jon’s birth and he learns the name that Lyanna gave him was Aegon Targerian. Bran realises Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie and Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

There were hints from the beginning

I love after all the mentions from many characters throughout the series you finally get to see Rhaegar and Lyanna together. You see the true story, not the one that Robert made up. I’ve since re-watched the very first episode with Robert and Ned talking about Lyanna and the Targerians you have a totally new perspective on everything.

It has been a slow build up and with a massive pay off at the end. I can’t wait to see what happens in series 8. Will Jon and Daenerys find out? How will they react? I have so many questions!

So these are my favourite Game of Thrones episodes so far. I’m really looking forward to watching the first episode and how all the storylines will be tied up.

What are your favourite epsiodes from the series and what do you think will happen next? Leave me a comment in the box below.

Enjoy series 8 and I’ll see you on the next one

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