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Mish Mesh Blog - March Favourites 2019

Well, what a March that has been! How is everyone doing? It’s been a month of ups and downs, weather-wise, emotionally and for me for the first time ever, I’m interested in politics! Who would have thought?

What is currently going on will be talked about for years to come! I believe It’s something truly historic. I for one just want to go to the Winchester, have a few drinks and wait for it to all blow over, (which I really hope it will, fingers crossed).

Anyway, you aren’t really here for a politics chat or to be reminded of that dreaded ‘B’ word! You’re here for my monthly favourites – so here they are. Don’t forget to tell me what you have been loving in the comments below!

Green Leopard Print Wrap Dress – eBay purchase

I have never a massive eBay fan if I’m honest, I’ve bought a few things now and again, but I have never taken the risk with clothes. That was until recently, I had a hen do to go to and I wanted to wear something new, but I didn’t want anything the break the bank, as I never really go ‘out out’ anymore.

So eBay came to the rescue with this green leopard print (yep again) wrap dress. I love a wrap dress, I think they are so flattering and easy to ‘dress’ up or down.  

This was a steal at under a £10, including the postage. The material is a good quality and it was very comfortable to wear. I wore mine with a waist belt and some back ankle boots. It was perfect for what I needed it for and I might even wear it again.

In Love With You Emporio Armani

For me, perfume is that little bit of luxury and currently, this perfume from Emporio Armani has become my go-to scent. I love how floral and feminine this scent is and it smells amazing and lingers for most of the day. I have had so many compliments on how good it smells. It really makes me feel good when I wear it.

Queer Eye

I was so happy to see a new series of Queer Eye back on Netflix, I love the FAB5! It is my favourite makeover show. I love how the FAB5’s confidence and positivity are infectious. It’s lovely to see that the show has a positive impact on people’s lives and helps them reinvent themselves into the best versions of themselves.

My highlights from this series are the female makeovers, which have added an another dynamic. I think the first episode Hunter to Huntee is my favourite episode from the whole series. The guys meet Jody who lives in her husband’s hunting clothes and she isn’t the typical ‘feminine woman’. The guys teach her that it’s OK to be her and she shares with them that she lost her brother when she was younger.

The FAB5 give her confidence and joy back. She looked amazing and so content and happy after her makeover and she seemed so lovely during the whole process, and as a viewer, I really warmed to her.

A few other highlights from this series is that Antoni seemed to get more screen time, which I’m all here for (he is my favourite) and they also have a FAB5 loft mascot Bruley the French Boxer, he is so cute. I may be following him in Instagram and I might have him as my wallpaper on my phone. #sorrynotsorry.

L’oreal Paradise Pomade Extatic Brow Gel Creme – 101 Light Blonde

This is a fairly new product and I’ve only started using it. To be honest I had to quickly buy it as I was in a rush and had my 8-year-old nephew with me, who didn’t want to be in Boots any longer than he had to. As I’m a fan of the Paradise mascara I’d thought this would be a safe bet and I quickly grabbed it.

I like that it is a kit and comes with a little brush in the lid. The creme isn’t at all greasy or too thick and goes on smoothly and doesn’t clump.

I was a bit hesitant about going for the Light Blonde shade as I thought it might be too light, I’m quite fair it can sometimes be hard to get the right colour. But I’m glad I did as I think the dark blonde would have just been a little too dark for me.

I would buy this product again, it’s easy to apply and comfortable to wear and is quite long lasting.

White Wine Question Time – Podcast

This is a fairly new podcast I have started listening too, I think I heard an advert for it on Spotify (one plus of not having premium). This podcast is presented by Kate Thornton and each episode she has three guests (who are usually friends or people she has worked with) they talk about a number of topics over a couple of glasses of wine.

Many of the guests she has on the podcasts she has known for years like Carole McGiffin, Tamzin Outhwaite, and Denise Welch. They talk about friendships, times in their lives that they have struggled. No topic seems off limits, which is really positive and inspiring. It makes you feel that with all these friendships these women can do anything.

Mish Mesh Blog - March Favourites 2019

It feels like you’re part of the ultimate girl’s gang catching up on a good old gossip. I usually listen while I’m driving to walk or out and about doing my shopping.

There are about 10 episodes to listen too in the first series, there is also male special with Chris Moyles, Keith Lemon, and Joe swash, which is very funny, it’s nice to hear things in a male perspective.

Mish Mesh Blog - March Favourites 2019
Mish Mesh Blog - March Favourites 2019

So these are my March favourites, I hope you have enjoyed this post, Let me know what you guys have been loving lately.

Bye for now  

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