Thought of the week – Wednesday 20th March 2019

I don’t really write a lot of personal stuff on this blog, I’m not really sure why? I want to start writing shorter posts about some of things that concern me or more topical and thought-provoking. With this post, I want to talk about something that has struck a chord with me over the last few days.  

Most of us have now heard the shocking news that former Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis took his own life at the weekend. He is the second former Love Island contestant to do this within the space of a year.

On the outside, he seemed to have it all, good looks, money, fame, and popularity, but in his reality, it was quite the opposite, he had inner struggles that he couldn’t deal with. It’s heartbreaking that as many 16 people a day (12 of these being men) feel that the only way to stop this pain is to end it all.

Mental health in 2019 STILL has a big stigma attached to it, many people don’t acknowledge it as a ‘proper’ illness as its something that you don’t always see, it can be hidden behind the biggest smile. In a time where we all have no problem sharing our OOTD images or our epic lunch in an Instagram posts, we fail to share with our loved ones how we are really feeling. Are we too scared to show people the real us?

It feels like we always have to show everyone an edited version of ourselves, and pretend that everything is OK when we might be struggling with our relationships, work schedules or just the balancing act of everyday life. But do you know what? It’s OK, it’s ok to be struggling, if we were more open with each other, we would probably realise that we are all in the same boat, and we can help each other out a bit. They do say a problem shared is a problem halved.

We also need to help the men in our lives too, they have been conditioned to think that it’s not ‘manly’ to show any emotion or cry, and they can find it really hard to open up, we need to reassure them that it’s OK, to show emotion and talk about their problems.

To anyone who is reading this, if you can take one thing to take away with you just remember it’s this…If you are struggling reach out to that one person you trust, just talk, I promise they won’t laugh or think any less of you, they will listen and try to help you.

If you notice something not quite right with your friend, partner or family member, don’t ignore it, ask how they really are and how they are really doing. We need to all help each other out and share our feelings as easily as we do with our latest insta posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post

Hels xx

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