January and February Favourites 

How is March already? January felt like it lasted 3,445 days! February feels like it’s flown by and I’m starting to feel spring vibes!

We have been teased with some great weather over the last week, which has served as a lovely reminder that Spring does exist and is hopefully just around the corner. I hope it will be here to stay very soon. Spring is one of my favourite seasons. It signals new beginnings and I love the fresh mornings we are greeted with.

I hate to say it that I have already broken some new year blogging goals! I promised myself and you guys that I wouldn’t get behind with blog posts and I would stick to a content plan, and I’m already behind with a few blog posts. I’ve lost my mojo a bit I think. I will try and get my arse in gear and keep up to date a little bit better from now on.

As I’m very behind with my monthly favourites posts, I’ve decided to do a bumper edition and combine both my January and February favorites in this one post.

So here we go! if you have been here before you know the drill. If you’re new here are the things I have been loving, these past few months.

Les Miles Body Pump – Release 108

Now I have started going to the gym again, I’m really enjoying Body Pump, it has always been one of my favourite classes and now I remember why. They switch up the releases every few months, we are now on release 108! Which is crazy as I think I started Body Pump at around release 65! I’m really liking the tracklist to this release, I think a good soundtrack can make all the difference to a workout.

My three favourite tracks are Ready For It – CARMADA, which is the lunge track, which is really challenging but also very satisfying when you finish it. Let you be right – Meghan Trainor, which is the sit-up track, it is such a catchy song I find myself singing it afterward! And Therapy (Club Mix) – Armin van Buuren feat. James Newman, which is used for the back track, which are some of my favourite exercises.

I always feel good after I have finished the class and I want to keep going back and increasing the amount of weights I can lift.

Netflix You

Once again Netflix has pulled it out of the bag with another great series that everyone can’t stop talking about. You has got everyone at my office doing just that, pretty much everyone I have spoken to in the last month has watched or is currently watching it.

You is based on the book written by Caroline Kepnes. The series follows book store Manager Joe Goldberg. The whole series is told from his viewpoint. One day Beck walks into his store and he instantly attracted to her. He goes to great lengths to get to know her and finds a way to penetrate her inner circle of close friends. He will do pretty much anything to be with her.

I really liked this series, it is quite dark in places and highlights how much social media is at the center of our everyday lives. In some ways I found myself feeling sorry for Joe as he is quite messed up and you never really find out why. I didn’t like Beck that much, she comes across as a shallow social climber. The series takes a lot of twists and turns and left me wanting to find out more, for me there were a lot of loose ends that weren’t tired up. But hopefully, series 2 will answer all my burning questions.

Red Leopard Skirt – F&F Tescos

My love affair with leopard print is still going strong, I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend too much money in January and I broke that promise when I saw this lovely Red Leopard pleated midi skirt on Sale (let me just add) in Tescos and in my size – which never happens, so I took it as a sign that I had to buy it.

Red is one of my favourite colours, it’s perfect for work and I can see it lasting me through to the summer as it the type of skirt that can go with anything.

Lancome Miel-en Mousse Foaming Cleansing Oil

This has to be my favourite cleanser I have tried, I just love this formula. You apply a small amount to dry skin. When it’s first applied the cleanser is a honey-like consistency, which warms up after application and melts into your skin.

When mixed with water the cleanser transforms into a smooth and velvet feeling foam. When washed off you are left with skin feeling so soft and smooth. It’s a lovely bit of luxury at the end of the day. Lancome has really changed the cleansing game with this one.

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Last week I went to see the fantastic new exhibition at the V&A Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

The exhibition has just opened and stays open until July. The exhibition has at least 50 years of beautiful couture clothing. Featuring designs from Dior and all the creative directors from the couture house since his death.

There were some beautiful pieces, some of my favourites were from the Garden Room, all pieces in this room had flower blossoms on them, one of the dresses was worn by Natalie Portman for a Miss Dior perfume campaign.

Another room that I loved from the exhibition was the Ballroom, which displayed beautiful ballgowns in an array of colours. I think this exhibition is a must see and if you can go, you should.

Ghost – The Musical

One of the things I love to do with my Dad is going to the theatre and see a play or a musical. This February we went to see Ghost the musical.

The musical has the same storyline as the film which starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. They play a young couple Sam and Molly who have started their lives together when one night Sam (Swayze) is murdered by a mugger. Sam won’t accept that he is has died, so his spirit is stuck on earth. He also has to find a way to warn Molly (Moore) that she may be in danger.

I have always loved the film, so I was interested to see how they would make it work for the stage version. It didn’t disappoint, the staging and lighting were so clever. You really got the feeling that he was a ghost like you do when you’re watching the film.

The story is quite sad, but it is well balanced with humor from Oda Mae Brown’s who is the fake medium, who Sam finds to help him. In the film, this character is played by Whoopi Goldberg, and she is a scene steeler. The actress who plays Oda Mae, had really big shoes to fill, and for me, she was the one who stole the show, she was fantastic.

I think it’s still touring around the UK, so if you get a ticket, it is definitely worth a visit to see this great musical.

Pixi Skintreats Retinol Tonic

For a while now I have been looking into Retinol products. Retinol contains vitamin A that can help keep your skin produce collagen and also reduce the appearance of fine lines. Since I’ve found out about the benefits of Retinol I really wanted to add a product to my skincare. I wanted something quite gentle and I feel this tonic from Pixi fits the bill.

It contains time-release Retinol which helps reduce fine lines and smoothes complexion. I love using this tonic after cleansing just before I go to bed. It smells lovely and is gentle on my skin. I think it’s a great beginner product into the world of Retinols.

Friends Books

A fact that you might not know about me, is I’m a massive Friends fan! I must have watched each episode at least 8 times. Now it’s on Netflix I’m watching even more. Friends is always my go to when I don’t really have anything to watch.

I recently started reading these Friends series companion books. One is called The Ultimate Friends Companion – The One With The First Five Seasons written by Penny Stallings. This book has information about the making of Friends, you have character profiles of all 6 Friends and chapters about their love lives, the Ballard of Ross and Rachel and Joey’s acting career.

One of my favourite pages is the sections from Debra McGuire the shows costume designer. Debra talks about how she styles each character and how their styles have changed throughout the series.

The second one called The One With All Ten Years Friends…Til The End, written by David Wild. This book talks about all ten series of the show, and has exclusive exit interviews will all main cast members.

Both these books feel really nostalgic for me, as I remember getting the first book for my birthday and I would read it cover to cover. It’s nice to have another read of them after all these years.

Suits – Second part of Season 8

SEASON 7 & 8 SPOILER ALERTS! (I hate having things ruined)

When series 7 ended with the exit of Jessica, Mike and Rachel, I wasn’t sure Suits would be the same. Jessica was one of my favourite characters, she was strong, kept Louis and Harvey inline and had some good storylines so I was quite sad to see her leave.

As the series was centered a lot around Mike and Harvey’s relationship, it was the main heartbeat of the show. Before the series 8, I worried that it wouldn’t be able to live up to the previous series.

I’m happy to admit that I was wrong. The series for me has got better. I like that they have added new characters, it has given the series a bit of re-set, as there are loads of potential storyline that can be explored. The back story between Robert Zane and Samatha Wheeler, which seems really interesting, the rivalry between Samatha and Alex, brings memories of the Harvey/Louis rivalary. I also like how Katrina’s character is developing too, she is getting more forceful and coming into her own.

The one thing that hasn’t really changed is the complicated relationship between Donna and Harvey. We know they love each other, they probably do too, but they always dance around it. Until the season finale, where fans see a massive pay off. That’s all I will say on series finales if you know, you know!  But as always Donna is still Donna, she kicks ass.

So here we are, these have been the things I have been loving over the past few months. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Please share with me in the comments about what you have been loving lately.

I’ll try and be on time from now on. Bye, for now, see you on the next one.

Hels xx

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