My top five favourite Friends episodes

Raise your Hand, if you’re a massive Friends fan? There hasn’t been any new episodes for about 15 years! Which makes me feel quite old if I’m honest. It doesn’t matter how many years that go by, Friends is still my go-to series when I have nothing to watch, and I still find it relevant even all these years after it originally aired.

Im a massive Friends fan so I want to share with you my top five Friends episodes. I remember watching Friends from series 4 when it was on Channel 4 when I was about 12. I’d save my all my pocket and Christmas money to buy the older series on VHS. (I was a 90’s child after all!)

So here goes, I wonder if any of these episodes make it into your top five as well?

5. The One with the Cop! (Pivot!)

Even watching this episode now, it still makes me laugh out loud! The main storyline is Phoebe impersonating a Cop when she finds a Police officer’s badge in Central Perk. She then takes the badge and does some good deeds with it. She then meets Gary, who the badge belongs to and he takes her on a date.

The funniest part of the episode, which is why I love it, is Ross, Rachel, and Chandler trying to carry Ross’ new sofa up the stairs to his new apartment. The sofa is too big to fit through the stairwell, which leads to the hilarious scene of Ross shouting ‘PIVOT’ ‘PIVOT’ ‘PPPPIIIIIVVVOOOOOTTT’ Chandler as always has the best comic timing, with his hilarious reply Shut up, Shut Up SSHUUT UP!

4. The One with the prom video (Lobster)

I think this episode has to be my favorite of all Friends episodes. From Season 2 which for me was one of the strongest seasons. You have all the episodes with Monica’s relationship with Richard. And of course, the Ross and Rachel will they won’t they story arch.

This episode has loads of highlights, Chandler and Joey’s Bromance hits a bump when Joey buys Chandler a chunky bracelet which he calls the ‘woman repeller’. Phoebe gives Ross her Lobster theory and we get the see the first series Flashback, via the prom video.

It’s from the prom that Rachel finally sees how long Ross has been in love with her and how he tries to be her knight in shining armor by being her date to prom when it looks like her boyfriend has stood her up. This video shows Rachel how kind Ross is and she walks over and kisses him, which is the beginning of their relationship! YES! And also some great Friends episodes following their relationship.

3. The One with all the Cheesecakes

This episode is from Series 7, which is another season of great episodes. I also want to mention that I loved the bob that Jennifer Aniston had for this season, which was hair goals.

This episode is all about the Cheesecake that is accidentally delivered to Chandlers and Monica’s apartment. Rachel catches Chandler eating it and he is forced to share it with her. Another cheesecake is delivered to him and Rachel makes him return it to Mrs Braverman downstairs and they go to lunch to forget about the Cheesecake.

When they return they find that the Cheesecake is still outside Mrs. Braverman’s door, so they decide to steal it. Chandler catches Rachel eating it without him, so they decide to split it.

When Rachel takes her piece she warns ‘no sharing, no switching and don’t come to me when you eat your piece too fast’. As she leaves she drops it, which Chandler mocks her for, and as he is doing so she knocks his piece on the floor! The last scene is the two of them eating the cheesecake off of the floor, only to be caught by Joey, who sits down next to them, pulls out a folk from his pocket and asks ‘so what we having’.

2. The One with the Videotape

This episode is from series 8, this episode is early on in the season when we just find out that Ross is the father of Rachel’s baby. The gang wants to know what happened when they ‘hooked up’ and they want to know one question, who came on to whom.

Ross says Rachel came on to him and Rachel says the opposite. Ross then admits that he has it all on tape! Que the Friends classic flashback to a month beforehand and we see, that Rachel came onto Ross by telling him the magic story you tell when you want to have sex. This story comes from Joey – who tells it to women as his fake alias, Ken Adams.

I really liked this episode as it centers around the sex story that Joey is shocked that everyone knows. It also gives you hope that one day Ross and Rachel might get back together. I love all the Ross and Rachel storylines as Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have great onscreen chemistry and no matter what happens between them, you really want them to get back together.

1. The one where Ross got High

This has to be my favourite Thanksgiving episode of the whole Friends series. The reason I love this episode is because of the quickfire confessions near the end. No matter how many times I watch it, I always laugh. I always like it when Jack and Judy Geller make an appearance in the episodes, as they are the typical embarrassing parents.

Monica wants to tell her parents that she is living with Chandler, but she can’t work why they don’t like him. Ross remembers that it’s because his parents walked into his room and smelt marijuana, he said it was Chandler and he had jumped out the window. Monica and Chandler ask Ross to come clean but he keeps putting it off.

Getting annoyed with Ross, Monica decides to tell them for him. After this revelation, Ross reveals that Monica broke the porch swing. This starts a series of lighting confessions, including Ross stealing Jacks Playboys, and getting married and divorced from Rachel in Vagas, Phoebe reveals she loves Jacques Cousteau, Joey wants to go and Rachel realises she wasn’t meant to put beef in the trifle!

After all these quickfire confessions Judy is overwhelmed with all the information in 30 seconds but replies to them all individually, with my favourite line being ‘Rachel, no you weren’t supposed to put beef in the trifle, It did not taste good!’

So these are my top five favourite Friends episodes. Do you agree or disagree with mine? I’d love to Know your all-time favourite episodes are? Share yours in the comment box below.

See you on the next one xx

13 thoughts on “My top five favourite Friends episodes

    1. Thanks for reading glad you enjoyed this post, I love friends so much, it’s always on in my house lol xx

  1. The double proposal of Chandler and Monica! Makes me cry every single time.
    And the one that made me laugh the most is probably the one where Chandler is not allowed to laugh at people, and it’s getting hard when Ross comes up with a leather pants.
    But hey, let’s be honest, they are all fantastic!

    1. The one with the proposal is such a great episode, makes me cry too, thanks for reading glad you liked this post xx

    1. It’s was very hard to narrow my favourite episodes down for this post, thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it. The book in the picture is The Ultimate Friends Companion – The One With The First Five Seasons by Penny Stallings. I think you get a copy on eBay xx

  2. All brilliant episodes. I love the one with the trifle but I also love the Thanksgiving episode where they’re playing football, with Monica and Ross being super competitive.I haven’t watched the show in ages 😂

  3. OMG I love this post SO much! I’m a huge Friends fan and have watched every single episode at least a dozen times! I love some of the episodes so much, particularly the Pivot one! I think my favourite episodes are the very last one and the one where Rachel and Monica have a bet with the guys for their apartment! xx

    1. The very last episode makes me sad, as that’s it! The games that Ross makes up is so good too xx

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