The Hels Hot list: Top beauty buys

With a new year brings new beauty releases. I haven’t done a Hels Hot List for a while, so I’d thought I would share what’s on my wishlist for everything beauty related.

Pixi Beauty – Skin treats

I have had my eye on a few products from the Pixi beauty range for quite a while now. I’ve seen some great reviews about their Glow Tonics and Cleansers. But two of the products I really want to try are the Retinol Tonic and the Caroline Haines Double Cleanse 2 in 1 Cleanser.

I’ve wanted to try a Retinol product for a while now and with so many on market, it has been quite overwhelming. I have decided to give Pixi’s Retinol Tonic a go. I’ve been watching a few beauty bloggers on YouTube and many have said it’s a great product to use as an introduction to Retinols as it is quite gentle on the skin.

They have just bought out a new Vitamin C range of tonics, cleansers, and serums that I would love to try as well. One of the things I love about Pixi Beauty is that they have ‘The Best of’ packs which contain 3 mini products from a certain range for around £20, which I think is a great way to sample their newer products.

Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

Now that I’m into my 30’s I want to invest in products that can help reduce the appearance of small lines I have developing around my eyes. I’ve heard good reviews about The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth serum, apparently, one bottle is sold every 23 seconds!

The serum is infused with three plant stem cells which Moisturises, firms and refines your skin. I was in the Body Shop recently and tested a few drops on my hand. It absorbed into my skin quickly and left my hand feeling super soft, which I loved.

I couldn’t stop touching my hand for the rest of the day. I would really like to add it to my skin routine to see if it has a similar effect on my face.

Lush Twilight Body Spray

At times I can have trouble sleeping, I find it really difficult to switch my mind off and just relax.

I have heard some great reviews about the Twilight range from Lush. They have bath bombs, shower jellies, body lotions, and body sprays. I have my eye on the Twilight Body Spray.

It contains the mixed fragrances of lavender and Tonka, which can overwhelm your senses to help you feel calm and relaxed. If it helps me get a better nights sleep, I’m all for it. So I want to see if can make a difference to my sleeping pattern.

In Love With You Emporio Armani

If you have read my October Favourites post, you will know that one of my favourite perfumes at the moment is Because It’s You. Now Emporio Armani has released a new fragrance In Love with you.

This fragrance is ultra-feminine with scents of oriental cherry, jasmine heart, which is textured with notes of patchouli and vanilla. I have tried the sample and it smells amazing, so sweet and floral. I can’t wait to treat myself to a bottle after payday.

Soap & Glory Haircare range

Again, if you are a regular reader here, you will know that I am a massive Soap and Glory fan! I love their Crush Shower Gel, the Righteous Butter Creamy Body Wash, and their many Body Scrubs. So it’s very exciting that they have released a Haircare range.

I’m expecting big things as their other ranges are so good. The products I really want to try first are the Wonditioner, this is an easy wash out formula which is Enriched with mineral-rich pink clay, shea, cocoa butter, and argan oil.

Another product which I can’t wait to try is the Split Happens, Conditioning Styling Oil. It is can be used to protect your hair from split ends and heat damage. It can reduce the appearance of split ends and give a lovely shine to hair. I can’t wait to add these to my hair routine asap.

So these are the beauty treats I want to try in 2019. What’s currently on your wish list? I’d love to know, leave me a comment in the comments below.

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