Best of 2018 – Blog Photography

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

Ok as promised, this is my second installment of my best of 2018 posts. For this one, I wanted to pick out some of my favourite pictures from 2018.

This year I have really got into my photography, I’ve tried to really up my game. From trying different compositions and lots of different blog props to make my photos look interesting and pretty. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

So these are my favourite eight photos from 2018.

Smooth Sugars

This was one of the first images I took back in January 2018. I had just bought the Olympus 45mm lens and was experimenting with depth of field. I really like the slight blur in the background and the sharpness of the product in the foreground.

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

Too Glam to give a damn

This image was probably one of my first flatlays. I was trying to make my photos more prop based than just product based, I wanted images that could have many variations and be used for a number of different posts, on this blog and over on my Instagram feed.

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography


This is another example of some of my first flatlay images, but a different variation. I think these will be my favourites, because they were a first for me. I also discovered Paperchase postcards as well.

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

Because it’s you

This one is from October, I love taking really close up images, with a slightly blurred background. There are so many reasons why I love this image. The pretty pinks and the fact the bottle creates a bit of distortion, which I think looks really cool.

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

A little bit of leopard

This image is when I started experimenting with Outfit flatlays. Something which I found quite challenging. I wasn’t sure if I needed to show the whole outfit or bits of it. To make it more interesting I added a few props. I got this shot towards the end of my shoot.

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

It’s your day to shine

This one is from the same set of images as my Because it’s you shot. I had to include this one, as I got loads of shots from the same session that I was really pleased with. I love how all the different shades pinks make the image look really pretty and girly.

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

7 in One

This shot id from my October favourites post. I think I was experimenting with different angles. I always love taking a shot that focuses on one product and you have lots of other things going on in the background. Because of the time I took it, I started using more Autumn and Winter themed props, which makes it a bit more seasonal, which I love.

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

Just Chip

This images features in my new year resolutions post. But I took it last week. So it counts as a 2018 image. I think this is a nice image to finish on. I like how I haven’t used many props, and the focus is all on Chip. I forgot I had this mug, so be prepared to see lot more of Chip in 2019!

Best of 2018 - Blog Photography

So these are my favourite images from 2018. I hope you have enjoyed having a little peek at some of my older images.

If you liked these snaps then feel free to check out more over on my Instagram page. see you soon xx

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