Five things I love about Christmas

5 things I love about Christmas

Ok, it’s confession time on here today, sometimes I find Christmas hard, it has always been a bit of a funny time for me, ever since my mum died when I was 18. This year will be our 14th Christmas without her, that’s a weird thing to even think about.

Sometimes we take family members for granted, we always think they will always be here, but one day they might not be. The last Christmas she was here with us, I’d never thought that the following year she would be gone.

Since we lost my mum, Christmas hasn’t been a holiday that has many efforts put into it. There is no fuss, no decorations, not even a tree. My dad is very reluctant to have one, even with my promises that I will put it up. He just doesn’t want to know.

We do a dinner, which is very chilled, you won’t see us flapping because the roasts aren’t perfect or we aren’t using the right tablecloth! It’s just very low key. Reading this you might think poor Helen, or oh no that’s really sad, but please don’t, this isn’t a sympathy piece!

Believe it or not, I actually love Christmas, for a while, especially for a few years I hated it, it shone a light onto something or someone that was ‘missing’ but as years have gone by it is becoming less painful.

I still miss her, but I know she would want me to enjoy this time of year and not sit around feeling sorry for myself. She always got into the spirit of Christmas and always taught me to try and carry on as best as you can, and do it with the biggest smile possible.

With that in mind, here are the Five things I love about Christmas.

The decorations

One of the things I love about Christmas is the decorations, everything always looks so much better, like it has an extra bit of shine to it almost. The lights that are up all around Brighton look so pretty I wish they could stay up all year round.

5 things I love about Christmas
5 things I love about Christmas

I have a little tree that I decorate, when I move into a bigger place with my boyfriend I have prewarned him that our house will be so festive it will rival Santas grotto

The food

Oh god, all the wonderful food that is around, the yule logs, the mince pies, the endless amount of selection boxes, the actual Christmas dinner it’s self, and let’s not forget the chocolate advent calendars that make it acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast throughout December! I just love all the food. Christmas turkey with all the trimmings and the pigs in blankets. My mouth is watering just thinking about the pigs in blankets.

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I never seem to be full, I can always make room for another quality street or cheese and crackers.

The time off work

During Christmas and the days leading up to new year, I tend to have off, this year is no different as I have got a total of 12 days off, which I’m really looking forward to. I love having the end of the year off as it is a great way to fully switch off, relax and unwind after a full on year.

5 things I love about Christmas

It gives me enough time to catch up with friends but also allows me some much needed me time too, which I think is very important.

Christmas Films

From my previous post, you will probably know that watching Christmas films is a big thing of mine. I think they are a great way to help you feel festive and to unwind with as well. I usually watch them alone, but I have forced my boyfriend to watch Love Actually, Elf and the Holiday.

5 things I love about Christmas
5 things I love about Christmas

What I have enjoyed this year is watching some of my childhood favouries with my nephew, he is at an age where he can sit still and concentrate for most of the film without getting bored. His current favourite is Home Alone: Lost in New York.


Another big bonus of Christmas time is that everyone wants to go out and do things, It’s a really nice time of year because people are sociable.
I usually get quite busy with seeing friends, which is one of the reasons I love Christmas. I’m quite the social butterfly!

It is nice to have a Christmassy evening with friends or spend New Years Eve together. Usually, we all have the same time off so we get to see a lot of each other, which is always nice.

5 things I love about Christmas

So these are the 5 reasons why I love Christmas. I know this time of year can be hard for many of us, but I think it is important to do what makes you happy in the build-up and aftermath and make your own little traditions.

What are the things you love about Christmas? I would love to know, Please leave me a comment in the box below. Merry Christmas xxx

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