12 blog prop ideas to help you nail a Christmas flatlay

Inspiration for how you can make your flatlays look more festive

Need some inspiration for how you can make your flatlays look more festive? This blog post will give you some great ideas.

One of the things I love about blog photography is collecting props for the perfect flatlay. I love putting together various compositions to get the perfect instagramable image.

I like to experiment with different colours of flowers, petals, and trinkets (as I call them) to fit in with a seasonal theme.

Now we are into winter and Christmas I wanted to challenge myself further and find the best props for a perfect Christmas flaylay.

A while ago I put together a list of 15 different prop ideas to help you nail an Insta worthy imagery, I have decided to put together a Christmas edition of 12 props to help your flatlays look more festive.

Pine cones

Pine cones are a symbol of Winter. I always associate them with this time of year. They are a nice addition to any image to create a wintery feel.
The ones I have come in different sizes. I love using the smaller ones to go in the foreground of a photo composition. Leaving the slightly larger ones for the background. I got these from a potpourri set from Next which had a variety of seasonal bits.

Pine leaves

I think adding a pine leave of two to a flatlay instantly gives your photo a wintery or Christmas feel. You could even add a few Christmas baubles to the leaves, to make your photos are even more Christmassy.

Candles or fairy lights

I have always loved using candles or fairy lights, they are great to add an extra light source. If you use the right looking candle, it can instantly make your images look that little bit more festive and cosy. The candle I have used for my shots is in a bronze casting, which is a colour that I associate with Christmas.

Candy canes

You can’t really have a Christmas blog photo without featuring a candy cane or two! Luckily this year they seem to be everywhere. Last year I struggled find any, (but it was a week before Christmas when I had the idea to use them).

The ones I bought are pink and green, and they taste of mint! (obviously, I had to eat one!, it is Christmas after all). I think these look great in any photo as they instantly add a festive feel.

Gold confetti

It’s essential to have glitter, sparkles, and confetti at Christmas time. You can never go wrong with a bit of sparkle. So for many of my Christmas pictures, I have added some gold confetti. Confetti is great to add to a flatlay to fill in any empty spaces that you might have in your composition. I think I picked up this gold foil confetti from Dunelm Mill, which is one of my go-to places for blog props.

Cinnamon sticks

Another great prop to make a flatlay look Christmassy, I always associate cinnamon sticks with Christmas, for me they are the smell of Christmas. The cinnamon sticks that I use I got from Hobbycraft which is another great place for blog props.

Christmas decorations

It’s kind of a given to add a few Christmas decorations to a Christmas flatlay. Some of my favourites are classic wooden ones that I bought a few years ago from Dunelm Mill.

I love more traditional decorations with reds, silver, and golds, and wooden ones have a handmade/ crafty feel to them, which I love. I’m not a massive of novelty Christmas decorations but I had to make an exception for these cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse baubles. I just had to have them.


Ribbons are a fairly new edition to my blog photos, I think they instantly add a nice pop of colour and look great in either the foreground or background of your photo composition.

I think ribbons are a quick and easy way to add a seasonal colour or theme. to your photos. To make my flatlays festive, I have been using red and bronzed coloured ribbons.

Wrapping paper

So this one is quite obvious, but I’d thought I’d add it to this list. To be quite honest I only thought of using Christmas wrapping paper the other day! (I know right!)

There is loads of wrapping paper in my house at the minute, so it makes sense to use what’s around for props. I always like to use fairly plain wrapping paper with one or two colours, this year I have gone for a red and silver theme, (I love a theme) I’m little bit OCD when it comes to Christmas.

Wooden letters

I have recently bought some Scrabble letters off of eBay, as I wanted to add a new element to my photos. I think these letters add a bit of a handmade or crafty feel to flatlays. They are great for spelling out loads of festive words or quotes.

Festive flowers or petals

You know me, I love a fake bunch of flowers or fake petals. I always try to go seasonal with my flowers. I stick to lighter colours in the Spring and Summer and darker colours in the Autumn and Winter. I’ve recently bought a bunch of red roses, which I think look great in a Christmas flatlay. I have found some great flowers recently, Dunelm Mill, Ikea, and Hobbycraft have been my go-to places to buy them.

Festive mugs

I love a mug, I tend to use mugs for pictures that feature my Ipad or my laptop. For Christmas images, I like to use Christmas themed ones, some of my favourites of cause feature penguins on them. Which adds a nice Christmassy vibe to any image.

Inspiration for how you can make your flatlays look more festive

So these are my 12 blog props ideas, to help you nail a Christmas flatlay.
I hope this post has been helpful and inspiring? I’d love to see your flatlays so tag me in them over on Instagram, my handle is @mishmeshblog.

See you on the next one xx

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  1. You are very very very talented, and I wish I had an eye like yours:) really enjoyed seeing the process and getting your tips/ thanks for that!

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