12 days of Christmas films

It’s now the 10th of December! I’ve bought most of my Christmas gifts, including a few for myself, (everyone does that right?) Last night I put my tree up and started listening to Christmas tunes! I’m also counting down the days until I’m off work! It’s officially Christmas in my household.

Chilling out and watching a few Christmas films, is one of my favourite things to do this time of year, it really helps me feel festive.

To help anyone who may not be in the festive mood just yet, check out my list of 12 Christmas films, that I will be watching each day during Christmas. You won’t find Die Hard in this list as IT’S NOT A CHRISTMAS FILM!

Hope you enjoy these films as much as I do!

Home Alone 1

Home Alone is the film of my childhood, I watched it every year and it is still a firm favourite with me. Home Alone is about a young boy called Kevin, who gets accidentally left behind on the day his family leaves for Paris.

There are so many memorable scenes in this film. Some of my favourites are the lengths that Kevin goes to, to make it seem the whole family is home, with the fake party, and Kevin scaring off the pizza delivery guy.

You always notice more details the more you watch it. I’ve seen a few tweets recently commenting about the colours of all of Kevin’s jumpers that he wears while his parents are away and the decor of the house features a lot of  Red, Green and White. 

Some weird fan theories are doing the round this year too, some of the ones I have seen are theories that Kevin’s uncle Frank and his Dad maybe criminals as well? I don’t agree, but Home Alone still remains up there in my ultimate Christmas film watch list. 

Home Alone 2

You can’t watch Home Alone, without watching Home Alone 2 straight after. For anyone who hasn’t watched it, Kevin does make it to the airport this time, but he gets on the wrong plane, his family go to Floria while he finds himself in New York alone.

He has his dad’s credit card and books himself into the Plaza. (cue the camo of a younger and less orange version of Donald Trump, who happened to own the Plaza at the time it was filmed, a fact I only found out recently, every day is a school day)

One of my favourite screens is when he goes to see the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre. I think Home Alone was one of the reasons why I’ve always wanted to visit New York, And when I did get to go there and see the tree the music from the film was playing in the background which was lovely and Christmassy. 

What is also quite special about this film is that my 7-year-old nephew really enjoys watching it too, he is the same age as I was when I first saw it, so it is nice that newer generations get to enjoy it too.  


If I said Santa – ‘I know him’ I think a lot of people would know the film reference. I think Elf has become a cult classic. It is usually the first film I watch in the buildup to Christmas. Will Farrell is so funny as Buddy, I like how innocent and over-enthusiastic he is about everything, which leads to some great scenes.

Some of my favourites are when he gets drunk in the mail room and when he keeps upsets the publishing exec by repeatedly calling him an elf.  


I love a good English comedy and this doesn’t disappoint. Starring Martin Freeman as an ex-drama student turned primary teacher and Ashley Jenson as his ex-girlfriend who leaves him to go to America.

This leaves him hating Christmas and his job until the headteacher ropes him in to direct the school’s nativity play. While trying to put a play together with the help of his bumbling teaching assistant Mr. Poppins he runs into an old rival who teaches drama at a nearby private school and tells him a lie that a Hollywood producer is coming to watch his play.

Mr Popins hears this lie and tells everyone, which leads to some funny consequences.  

I think this a great film to watch to get you into the Christmas mood, they have sequels of this film too, which have some of the same characters returning, but not Ashley Jenson or Martin Freeman, which I was a bit disappointed by.

I have watched these films with my Nephew, which has been a really nice to start sharing my love of Christmas film with him. (his favourite is Home Alone, and he looks a little bit like Kevin as well, which he loves)

The Holiday

The Holiday is another of my go-to Christmas films that I watch to help me feel Christmassy! It is a bit cheesy at times (Let’s not talk about the end credits) but it leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy.

The film focuses on two main female characters Iris and Amanda swapping their homes for Christmas after they both have broken hearts. Iris heads to LA while Amanda heads to Surrey.

Kate Winslet’s character Iris is a someone we can all relate to, she leaves for LA to try and heal a broken heart. She has little Self-esteem and her ex will not let her move on, even though he has.

I love the friendship that Iris forms with Amanda’s neighbor Arthur, he is a retired screenwriter who tells Iris that she should be the leading lady in her own life, he gets her to watch old films that are focused on a strong female character which makes Iris feel empowered and confident. I really like how she grows into a much stronger character as the film goes on.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot, just in case some of you haven’t seen it. But I have to give a mention to Jude Laws character Graham, he is the perfect gentleman and I always laugh at his Mr. Napkin Head!

Love actually

I think Love Actually has to be one of my all-time favourites, I watch it every year without fail! (So happy that it is back on Netflix). I love all the small storylines and how most of the characters are connected in some way, Hugh Grant (David) is Emma Thompson’s (Karen) sister and their stories intertwine with each other.

Speaking of Hugh Grant, his dance is one of my favourite scenes, as we have all at some point danced like nobody is watching only to be caught by our Mum, or even worse our boyfriend!

Love Actually still generates a lot of unanswered questions from the masses on Twitter, Is Daniel secretly in love with Karen or why did Harry buy that awful necklace?  I think my favourite characters have to be Karen and David, I also like how Daniel is quite close to his step-son Sam and how he encourages him to tell his school friend that he loves her. It is Christmas after all.


Not really a Christmas film, but I always watch Shrek on either Christmas Day or Boxing day, (so it counts) and my boyfriend and I watched all of the Shrek films when we were first dating, so it has some lovely memories of our first Christmas together.

I love how the film is for kids and adults, the jokes especially are aimed at us adults. Donkey by far is my favourite character, and how his cheerful personality finally wins Shrek over.

It is an alternative story to the tradional fairytales and reminds me of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and it has a bit of a pantomime feel to it, which feels very festive.

Miracle on 34th Street

This in another film from my childhood, and when I watch it, I remember all those Christmases from my childhood. I think I first watched this film when I was about 7, the story centers around a mother and her young daughter Susan Walker, who is skeptical about the myth of Father Christmas, until she meets, a man called Kris Kringle who helps her and many others see the magic of Christmas again.

I loved this film growing up, it always helped me feels extremely Christmassy and the whole film has a magical feel to it, I think after seeing this film for the first time, was the reason why I wanted to visit New York at Christmas time.  


OK, I know this isn’t really a Christmas film, but I have chosen it because like Sherk it has a fairytale structure to the storyline and has a very pantomime feel to it.

The film is about two realms that are separated by a wall one night a star falls on the other side of the wall and our unlikely hero Tristin ventures to the other side of the wall to try and find the star so he can bring it back and give it to the women he is in love with.

He isn’t the only person after the star, a witch is after it because the star helps her stay youthful and three brothers are trying to find it first because they will become the next king if they do.

The film follows his and the other characters quest. The stand out character for me is Michelle Pfeiffer, she is brilliant as witch Lamia.

The Princess Switch

This is a new release on Netflix for this year, it is very cheesy and quite predictable, but I just loved it. It reminds me a bit of the Parent Trap and the Princess Diaries.

The film is about two women who look alike and switch places for a few days to live in each other’s life. When they are living the life of the other, they find themselves falling in love with the men in the other persons life.

I hope I am making sense and not being too confusing about the storyline, I’m trying to be as vague as possible because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.  

The film has a lovely backdrop of snow filled scenes which makes the film even more Christmassy.

A Bad Moms Christmas

I loved the first Bad Mom’s film, so I was so glad when they released A Bad Moms Christmas.

In this film all three main Characters are back, this time you get to see their Mom’s and they are extreme characters. Amy’s Mum especailly wants everything to big, bold and perfect. Kiki’s mum is very overbearing and wants to be really close to Kiki, which ends in some funny scenes.

But by far my favourite character is Susan Sarandon as Carla’s Mum, she is unreliable and is very similar to Carla. I just loved her in this.

In the film, Amy, Kiki and Carla are fed up that they have to go all out for Christmas and are tired of being stressed so they decide to take back Christmas, by not doing a lot and having a low-key day. This leads to funny and OMG moments.

I think this will be a film I will watch every year from now on, it has a nice feel-good factor to it.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Netflix has loads of Christmas films to chose from this year. A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding is another new release for this year. This film follows on from last years film a Christmas Prince (A little confusing I know). I watched this film before I found out about the original one.

Both are very similar in terms of their predictability and storylines, but this film is about the build-up to their wedding.  Its a nice family film, that is easy to watch and quite cheesy in some parts. But I liked it because at Christmas it is acceptable to allow a bit of cheese in your life.

And I’m a bit of an old romantic at heart. After seeing both I would say the first one is a bit better, but that is the case with most sequels.

So these are my 12 days of Christmas films. I have missed off any of your Favouites? Please tell me what your go-to Christmas films are in the box below! Merry Christmas everyone xxx

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