Four Podcasts you need to listen to now!

Who else has got back into podcasts in a big way? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has rediscovered a love of them? They did seem to dip in popularity for a bit, but now they seem bigger than ever before!

My podcast obsession started with a few listens of ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ and since then I have been hooked on finding more and more podcast gems!

Whatever your interests, guaranteed there will be a podcast or two about it. They are a great free resource if you want to learn something new, get involved in a particular conversation, or just to unwind and have a bit of a laugh.

One of the reasons why I switch on a podcast is to make my sometimes long and tedious commute into work in the mornings a bit more bearable.

In this post, I want to share with you the four podcasts you need to listen to now!

The Prosecco Sessions

What is it about

Presented by 30 something Bloggers Pippa, Kat and Laura. This is a fortnightly podcast which focuses on a different topic, ranging from Periods, online dating and social media, each topic is discussed while the ladies enjoy a few glasses of fizz! (This sounds right up my street)

Why you should listen

This is a fairly new podcast, I think it was only created about 7 months ago! I originally downloaded this podcast to my library because of the title and description, Like any 30 something, I like a glass or 2 of Prosecco. So to quote friends it was like ‘the mothership calling me home!’


It just feels so relatable, they are a similar age to me and the topics they talk are some of the things I would talk about with my girlfriends. I love how honest and open they are with what they share with us listeners, it is quite intimate which makes you feel like you are sat there with them. I loved some of the stories they shared about Tinder dates in their first episode.

If you are looking for a bit of light relief and a really relatable podcast, defiantly give this one a listen.

Goal Digger

What is it about?

Goal Digger (which I think is a great name by the way) is a live-workshop/business how to podcast. Presented by Photographer and Digital Marketing expert Jenna Kutcher, this podcast has two episodes a week. Each episode Jenna give tips that are ideal for creative working women. I love the format and I love how passionate Jenna comes across in the episodes that I have listened to so far.

Why you should listen?

Like the Emma Guns Show, this is a fairly new podcast that I have just discovered. I’ve wanted to find a podcast that focused a bit more on marketing techniques, and I think I have found it. Marketing is my day job and I’m always interested in finding out about new technologies and thinking of new ideas not only for my personal blog but for my day job as well.  


One of the first episodes I listened to was Jenna’s tips for growing your Instagram account, which is something I have been working hard on for a while now. So I found this episode especially inspiring. She also interviews other entrepreneurs who share their business success stories. If you are trying to grow your social channels, starting your own side hustle or have an interest in marketing, then I’d recommend you give this podcast a listen.

The Emma Guns Show

What is it about?

A weekly podcast presented by Journalist, Brand Consultant, and Broadcaster Emma Gunavardhana. Each week she interviews a wide range of people from Celebrities, to Bloggers, Influencers and Authors. She talks about their upcoming projects and everything and anything in between. She also has a shorter series called the 26 habits, which range from subjects on diets, wellbeing, and gratitude journaling.

Why you should listen?

This podcast is a fairly new discovery for me, the first episode I listened to was her chat with Victoria Magrath (inthefrow) about her new book ‘The New Fashion Rules’. I loved how informal the interview was, they chatted away like old friends.

I really enjoyed this particular episode, as I have followed Inthefrow for years and it was nice to hear first hand how she grow her online following to where it is now, find out the things she has learned along the way and what she was doing before she started her blog. I found her very inspiring and very down to earth. I loved the questions that Emma asked her and they had some very in-depth conversations.

IMG_0040 (1)

The podcasts vary in length, this particular episode being over an hour, but I found this episode easy to dip in and out of on my commute to and from work. I’m currently listening to her episode with Anna Newton (theannaedit) they are talking about Anna’s new book ‘An Edited life’ and also talking about reality TV and a Star is born.

I have seen a past episode with Claudia Winkleman (who is my ultimate girl crush) which has gone straight into my download queue.

Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly Confidential

What is it about?

Presented by past contestant and Radio One DJ Scott Mills and Strictly superfan Amy Elizabeth. The podcast has two episodes a week, one on a Thursday which talks about the upcoming dances for the next live show and one on Sunday, which relives all the events from Saturday night and the results show on Sunday night.

Each podcast lasts between 30 and 50 minutes. Most episodes have exclusive interviews from the pro dancers, contestants and the backstage crew from the wardrobe department, makeup, props, and lighting.

Why you should listen?

If you are a big Strictly fan like me, then you should give it a listen. You get lots of backstage gossip and gain new insights into how the show is put together.


I loved finding out how the celebrities are booked for the show and how they come up with their code names (Fun fact, this year all of the contestants were named after Cheese! Stacy was Cheddar!) to how long each contestant spends in makeup. I love how you get real insight into what it is like as a contestant from Scott as he shares his own experiences from his time on the show a few years ago.

So these are the four podcasts I have been loving lately! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I would love to know your favourites. So don’t be shy, leave your recommendations in the comment box below. See you on the next one xx  

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