A peek inside my holiday photo album – Marbella and Tarfia

I’m sure it’s not just me, who loves a having a little nosey at my friend’s holiday snaps? It’s great to see the places your friends have visited and also get a bit of inspo of where to go on your next trip.

For this post, I wanted to share my snaps from my last holiday with you. I love going on holiday and exploring new surroundings, experiencing a new culture and of course sampling the local food!

One of my favourites places to go and visit is Spain. I love Sangria and me and my boyfriend Brendan are big fans of Tapas!

Some of my favourite places that I have visited over the last few years are Barcelona and Valencia.

My last holiday was a trip to Marbella. This was a Holiday with a bit of a difference, Brendan had originally arranged to go on a kiting holiday to Forta Ventura with his friend Gary, and myself and Ali (Gary’s Partner) wanted to tag along.

During the standard holiday planning, we decided to change the destination to Marbella. We found a beautiful Spanish Villa, which was a 10-minute drive from Puerto Banus Harbour, so it was the perfect base for all of us. We could do our sightseeing and exploring while the boys drove to Tarifa to Kite Surf, with all of us meeting for evening dinners and drinks.

Some of my highlights were the old town in Marbella or Plaza de Los Naranjos, (the Orange Square) it was so pretty and traditionally Spanish. The square smelt amazing due to all the orange trees, it was a big contrast from Puerto Banus Harbour. We took a day trip to Tarfia and spent the day exploring the old town which was a big highlight, Tarfia is such a beautiful place, the photos I took, don’t do it justice.

For the last day, as we were flying out of Gibraltar, so we spent the day exploring the Rock of Gibraltar and St Michael’s Cave, which was really cool, but the town itself felt quite strange, it has lots of interesting history, but it is a real mismatch of Spanish and English cultures.

Here are some of my favourites photos from my trip I hope you enjoy having a little sneak peek.

Have you been away lately? Or do you have a place that you really want to visit? I’d love to know, so don’t be shy, Leave me a comment in the box below xx   


2 thoughts on “A peek inside my holiday photo album – Marbella and Tarfia

  1. Hey there! Firstly I wanted to tell you I found your blog through Twitter and I love it! As a new blogger, I love the fact you have the blogging 101 series. Secondly, this post is great. As a fellow nosey person, I am a big fan. Looks like you had a lot of fun in Spain! Have a great weekend!

    1. Aww thank you, I’m really pleased you are enjoying my content. If there are any more posts you want to see, Please let me know! Have a great weekend xx

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