Three things I find hard about blogging

I’ve been blogging for almost two years now. Which has gone very quickly, but do I call myself a blogger? No, not really.

Don’t get me wrong I love blogging and creating content that hopefully, my readers and followers will enjoy, but don’t get me wrong it can be bloody hard work sometimes, and these are the reasons why.

Full-time marketer part-time blogger

Blogging is my part-time past time, one of the reasons I joined the blogosphere was to improve the skills I don’t get the time to practice in my working life. I wanted to be more creative in areas that I’m interested in, and just enjoy and experiment with creating content.

But at times it can be quite difficult to fit everything in. My time management has to be on point, especially if I want to keep up a consistent posting schedule and I have to find time to take Instagram shots and blog photos and do all those boring adulting things like washing and housework! Thankfully most of the time I do see blogging as a way to relax and being creative has always been my way to unwind, but at stressful times it can take up a lot headspace.


Is my content good enough?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has asked this question, I think all of us at one time or another question our abilities in everything that we do and doubt ourselves. I’m guilty of doing this a lot as I am my toughest critic.

I follow a lot of bloggers all who have different niches and follower bases and all of them are quite frankly amazing! Most of the time It does drive me to want to constantly improve but there are times where think that my content isn’t nearly as good compared to theirs!


I always try to remember that practice makes perfect and the more you do something, the more you improve! It is always good to experiment and try and find your own style, or your own niche, which is something I’m currently trying. I look at some of my very first Instagram posts and look at how my photography has improved, so that encourages me to keep going in the hope it will improve even more, in the months and years to come.

Blogging on a budget

Blogging is hard when you are just starting out or have a certain budget to stick to. I’m really trying to save money, so at the moment I don’t have a big budget to spend on products or equipment. Sometimes it does feel a bit like trying to keep up with the Joneses! You have to post up to date and regular content of the latest fashion and beauty items which sometimes my bank little balance just can’t keep up!

I would love to post more outfit posts or post that are more fashionable but I really don’t have the budget! I don’t think people really want to see a dress or a bag they can’t buy anymore!


My way around this is posting items that I actually use and buy all the time with a new product added to the mix! I also like to suggest TV shows that I have genuinely been loving. So there are always creative ways around it.


I’m sure every blogger out there has had their own struggles with creating their own unique content, I wanted to share mine with you, as I think it is important, to be honest with yourself and others.


Have you ever struggled with blogging? I would love you share your thoughts in the comments below, see you on the next one lovelies xxx


5 thoughts on “Three things I find hard about blogging

  1. Completely agree with all of these, especially as a relatively newbie blogger! I often have the thought ‘who even cares enough to want to read this’ when I’m writing a new post! x

    1. It’s hard sometimes! I’m my own worst critic! Hope you are enjoying blogging and thanks for reading this post xx

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