My Transitional Wardrobe

This time between the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn is always a weird one weather-wise, In the mornings we are met with a cold snap and then by lunchtime, we have warm sunshine, which is then followed by a bit of a chilly evening when the sun goes down.

With all these changing temperatures I have always had trouble finding something to wear. In my opinion, I think it’s too hot for jumpers but it’s not warm enough for just one layer!

In this post, I wanted to share a few ideas of how to make your summer outfits go that bit further for this cooler weather, and get a bit more wear from your favourite pieces from Spring/Summer with some autumn pieces added just to gently ease you into dressing for Autumn.

The flowy summer dress

Long flowing dresses have always been my summer staple, they are always so comfortable to wear and versatile, I think they look good on all shapes and sizes.

the-flowy-dress.pngFlowing dresses aren’t always ideal when the weather starts to cool down, so I wear my favourite summer dress with a few extra layers, a basic white T-shirt underneath with a denim jacket over the top and my beige boots.

The light colours still make it feel slightly Spring/Summer but the extra layers give some much-needed warmth.

The slogan tee

I always have loved a slogan Tee and this Spring/Summer has been no different! I have been wearing my Boohoo J’adore T-shirt pretty much every weekend!

slogan-teeI have worn it with shorts and skirts. Now with the cooler weather, I have been wearing it with jeans converse trainers and my blue trench coat. I also think it goes really nice with this Leather skirt from last Autumn with my beige boots and denim jacket.

The Beach Dress

Another strong summer staple of mine, this dress has been perfect to wear on days to the beach. These types of blue shades are my favourite all time colours, I just love blue. beach-dress

In the height of the heatwave, I would wear this dress with just my black flip-flops. But just to get a bit more wear out of it I have added my denim jacket and my converse trainers. I would also wear this dress with a black denim jacket (if I owned one) to break up all the blue.

So there you go, a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to layer up your summer wardrobe before you have to put away all those beloved summer items for another year. What are your transitional fashion tips? Leave a comment below.

Bye for now lovelies xx




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