Five things I have loved about Summer 2018

Now we have said goodbye to the heatwave I’m starting to think that summer may be coming to an end (which is a massive boo!) I’m hoping for that last bit of sunshine as I’m not quite ready for tights, coats, and jumpers just yet.

To keep my summer spirit alive I thought I’d put together a post about the five things I have loved about Summer 2018.


If you have been checking out my blog or social channels, you might have seen that I have recently got into Paddleboarding. I just love it! It’s so nice to get down to the beach at the end of the day and having a quick evening paddle I find it a nice way to unwind and see the sun go down.

paddlingIt has been a great way to get out and just enjoy the sea and sunshine.

Beach Walks

Another thing I have loved is having long walks down the beach. When the tide is out you sometimes come across some sand, I love walking along the shore and listening to the waves, it always makes me feel so relaxed. In the past I have sometimes taken for granted how lucky I am to live near the sea, so now I always try and go down to the beach for walks or a little paddle as much as possible.

paddybearAlso, what’s more, beautiful than a walk along the beach as the sun is setting?

Summer Fashion

I love all the different options we have in terms of fashion choices compared to the boys! For us the possibilities are endless, Maxi dresses, short dresses, shorts, cropped trousers, shirts, the list goes on!

For me, during these summer months, I live in midi dresses, and maxi dresses and at the weekend usually a short beach dress.

fashionOne of my weekend favorites has been my blue striped Animal dress that has been perfect for the beach!


My shoe of choice for summer is always my flip flops! I just live in them when I’m not at work, as soon as 5pm rolls around, the heels are off and the flip-flops are on!

I love how comfortable they are and they go with every summer outfit I own, I think I have been wearing them since about May if it has been sunny! With the weather being a bit cooler I have had to break out my boots, I’ve got so used to flats that I felt l was walking a bit like Bambi. Don’t get me wrong I love my heels, but I’m just not ready to get rid of my beloved flip-flops.

Eating outside

Another thing I really love about summer is eating outside, be it a BBQ down the beach or eating my lunch out on the terrace at work, or even having dinner with friends in their garden, it just great to be outside enjoying the fresh air warm weather, a lot of my evenings have been spent with friends just chilling out and chatting while the sun goes down, and it’s been lovely.

gin I also love how everyone is happier and more social, I think that people are a bit more carefree in the summer months, as when winter hits all we want to do is be cosy on the sofa watching a box set!

heatwaveThese are my five reasons why I have loved Summer 2018, you might think a lot of them are a bit obvious but I think it is important to appreciate the little things and not take things for granted.

I’m really hoping for some more sunshine before we really have to say goodbye to summer for another year.

What have you loved about this summer? I would love to know. Leave me a comment below! See you on the next one lovelies xxx

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