Five reasons why I love Spring

I think Spring has to be one of my favourite seasons. I like to see Spring as a fresh start and a time for new beginnings. Spring is our reward for surviving the cold winter, and what a winter we have had this year! I love seeing the weather warming up and seeing all the flowers starting to bloom.

The weather really affects my mood, so when it is grey and dull outside, I can feel a bit down, but as soon as I see the sunshine coming through the clouds, my mood instantly improves. (I’m a very simple creature really.)

In this post, I want to share some of the reasons why I love Spring.

The warmer weather  

This time of year we start to get some beautiful weather, the mini heatwave we had a few a weeks ago was lovely. It was a shame it didn’t stick around for longer!l. As I have mentioned before the weather can affect my mood, so when the sun is shining it makes everything better.

Spring mornings

There is just something about Spring mornings that I really love. You can hear the birds singing and feel the crisp and fresh breeze coming through the window and the bright sunlight peeping through the bedroom curtains. It is so nice waking up and seeing the sunrise instead of a dark and dull winter morning.


Spring fashion

I love a bit of spring fashion, light fabrics and flowing floral dresses. I have seen so many gorgeous dresses I want to add to my wardrobe. During Spring, I love wearing light jackets and cigarette trousers with loose-fitting shirts when I go to work. I love wearing flowy summer dresses on the weekends with my nude converse trainers.

Spring shades

With Spring finally starting to arrive, the Spring shades have hit the shops! I’m loving the mint greens, dusty pinks and vibrant yellows. During the Autumn and Winter months, I wear darker shades of lipstick and deep red nail polishes.

But now with Spring starting, I love wearing pinky-nude shades of lipstick and I love experimenting with bright pastel shades of nail polish. My go-to shade at the moment is Maybelline 615 – Mint for life.


The start of BBQ and picnic season

When the sun is out it means alfresco dining! I love eating my lunch outside in the fresh air while enjoying the sunshine. I love seeing in the park or having fish and chips or a BBQ down the beach. For me, it is the best part of spring and summertime.


So these are the reasons why I love Spring. What is your favourite season and why? I would love to know, leave me a comment in the box below. Xx

6 thoughts on “Five reasons why I love Spring

  1. Oh my gosh my favorite season is Spring too!! New life, spring fragrances, dresses & tank tops. You’re so right to it’s our reward for surviving winter. Lol. Great read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Glad you enjoyed it and like spring as much as I do xx

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