April Favourites

Is it just me or has April gone quite quickly? I can’t believe April payday is almost upon us. We all know I love a payday!

The big news event of this month is the arrival of the third baby of Kate and Wills (isn’t he cute) which means it’s not long until the Royal Wedding!

I love a Royal Wedding there is just something that is very British about it all. As a new Suits obsessive I’m hoping to spot some of the cast amongst the guests, surely Jessica, Donna, Harvey, Mike and Louis are good enough to attend a royal wedding?

Anyway let me get on with my April Favourites, these are the things that I have been loving this month.

Nakd Bars Cocoa Coconut Bars

If you are here regularly or follow me over on Instagram you will probably know that I love food and I’m pretty much always eating little snacks. These are my new favourite snack bars.

They taste like chocolate and the coconut reminds me a little bit of Bounty Bars, which are one of my favourite chocolate bars. These are suitable for vegans and are gluten, wheat and dairy free too. I’m just loving them. I usually have one as a breakfast snack or have one before I go to the gym.


The Million Dollar Blog – Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Over the last few months, I have tried to get a bit more into reading. The book I’m loving is The Million Dollar Blog. I am always keen to learn new things and I’m am very focused on how I can constantly up my blogging game.

I’ve seen a few bloggers give this book a shout out on their Instagram feeds, so I’d thought I would give it a read. I’m so glad I did as it is already giving me so many new ideas and I love all the insights from successful bloggers.

Each chapter is focused on one particular area of blogging, from your own personal brand to social media. If you are new to blogging I think it is a must-read. Natasha gives some great tips and advice and makes you really think about how you can start or continue growing a successful blog.

I am also planning to do a bit more of an in-depth post on this book so if you’re interested to find out more keep your eyes peeled.

M&S Trench Coat

With the weather still being a bit unpredictable I have invested in a trench coat. I have been wanting one for about a year and I splashed out on one from good old M&S.


The fit is very classic and quite tailored. I did have a trench coat once that had a bit of an A-line cut and it didn’t look quite right on me. I do love modern takes on things but I think with a trench it always looks better in a classic cut.

I have gone for it in a navy blue (no surprise there as I love Navy!) I wear it to work over a midi dress or with dark jeans and my beige ankle boots. I also wear it on weekends with a white T-shirt light blue jeans and my Pink/nude Converse Trainers.  


Belvoir Fruit Farms Light Elderflower and Rose Presse

Sometimes water can be a bit, well boring. I know it is good to keep drinking the old H2O but sometimes if I drink too much I get a bit fed up with the taste.

I have been loving this Elderflower and Rose Presse. I like to drink it during the week as a little treat after work. It has a lovely fresh and slightly fruity flavour to it. It will be great to drink at summer picnics and BBQ’s. As the Gin lover I am, of course, I have already tried with a gin. It tastes really nice with Bloom gin FYI.  


Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days – 615 – Mint for Life

Now that spring is here, I like to try different and bright nail colours. This colour was a firm favourite of mine last year and after seeing a photo of me wearing it last year, I just had to get my hands on another bottle ASAP!

I love Maybelline nail polishes as they have lots of great colours and they dry quite quickly.

7th Heaven Face Masks

I love a facial it is a nice thing to come home and give your skin a little TLC after a long day. These little 7th Heaven face masks are perfect. They come in a range of different ingredients. I really like the Cool Mint and the Raspberry and Mango ones. You put them on cleansed skin and peel them off when they are dry.

They leave my skin feeling so soft. I also like the peeling off part as it reminds me of PVA glue at school, practically everyone used to put PVA glue on their hands and peel it all off when it was dry. At least with these great masks, your skin is left feeling soft.



So these are all the things I have been loving this April. Let me know what you have been loving this month in the comment box below. See you on the next one xx 

4 thoughts on “April Favourites

  1. I love the lasting power of the Maybelline polishes 💕 I’ve not the biggest fan of raw bars, but I recently tried some from Ration w/ Apple and Passionfruit and it was so good

    1. OOOO that sounds nice, will have to give it a try! There are loads of Raw bars on the market now too. Do you have a favourite Maybelline colour? Thanks for reading xx

    1. thanks for reading, I love a good trench coat too. The million dollar blog is such a useful book, I’m enjoying reading it. Do you have any April favourites?

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