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Netflix Picks -Mishmeshblog


I’m just loving Netflix, is it ok to admit that I don’t really bother with ‘regular’ TV anymore? Who needs it when you have all the episodes of your latest series ready for you. No more waiting a whole week to find out what happens next. I have been enjoying so many Netflix series recently I just wanted to share some of my current favourites with you.

Queer Eye

OMG! Let me admit that I’m a little bit late to the party with this one, I saw that a lot of people on Twitter were loving it so I decided to see what the fuss was about and watched it over the Bank Holiday weekend, and I loved it! Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan are awesome, each has their own area of expertise to bring to the show. From looking at all the threads about Queer Eye on Twitter everyone has their favourite (Mine is Antoni in case you’re wondering).

Netflix Picks -Mishmeshblog

I love how they are bringing a new lease of life to Men’s lives by not just overhauling their wardrobes but helping them in all aspects of their lives, it is really heartwarming and everyone loves a bit of a transformation series. Some episodes have even bought a little tear to my eye. My only complaint is that there are ONLY EIGHT EPISODES! (IT’S NOT ENOUGH NETFLIX!!) Please bring out some more as I miss the fab five already.


I have been obsessed with Suits. It has been my go to series and I pretty much got through all seven series in about 6 weeks! Now that I have finished it there is a big Donna, Harvey, Rachel, Jessica and Co shaped hole in my life.

I love it because it is sleek, sassy and smart. The story is centred around a top New York law firm, it’s new senior partner Harvey Spector and Mike Ross, the young college drop out he hires as his new associate. Another thing I love about Suits is the strong female characters, Jessica is the Managing Partner at the firm and has no trouble putting Harvey, Louis and Mike in their place, she is always one step ahead of them. I also like how Harvey comes across as bullish at first but as the series goes on you start to see a softer and more vulnerable side to him.

I have to give Donna a mention, she is another strong female character (and probably my favourite), she is so sassy and doesn’t take any crap. Donna is the glue that holds everything together, without her all the other characters would be lost. I’m glad more episodes are now being added as I have missed it.

The things I have been loving this February

The Crown

It’s no secret that I absolutely love The Crown. For some reason I have always been quite intrigued by the Royal Family, there’s just something very glamorous, yet traditional about them. This series gives you a new perspective on the royal family, a peek behind the scenes of what they could actually be like and it makes you see them as real people.

The series starts when Elizabeth becomes Queen after the death of King George. You see her grow from a reluctant and shy person to someone that is assertive and confident as the series goes on. She has to give Winston Churchill a dressing down in one episode and she also has to put her little sister in her place from time to time. As a bit of a history geek, I love how the series has real historical events as a backdrop to the series.

Getting to the end of the second series was a bit sad because for the next one The Queen, Princess Margaret, Prince Phillip and I’m guessing the Queen Mother will all be re-cast.

Olivia Coleman is confirmed as the new Queen and Tobias Menzie (of GOT fame) has recently been announced as the new Prince Phillip. There is speculation that Helena Bonham Carter might play Princess Margaret. I love all the speculation, of who will play who, It makes me very excited for the new series but I will miss Claire Foy as The Queen.

Netflix Picks -Mishmeshblog
Netflix Picks -Mishmeshblog

Santa Clarita Diet

I love Drew Barrymore, so I was really happy to see her in a series of her own. She plays Sheila who is a typical wife and mother until she gets some sort of virus that turns her into a kind of undead zombie who eats human flesh.

She doesn’t really know how she got the virus and the whole series is centred around how she tries to keep her secret and lead a ‘normal’ life while at the same time fighting the urge to kill people and trying to find a cue. She has the help of her husband and daughter which leads to some funny and weird scenarios.

I would describe this series as a dark comedy. I think it is really easy to watch and it makes me laugh. The second series has just been added and I am already hooked.


Episodes appeared on my Netflix recommended list after I finished watching Friends, It was too soon to re-watch Friends, so I thought I would give Episodes a watch and I’m glad I did. For some reason, I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, but I am really enjoying it, I am already on series three.

The series is about two English writers Sean and Beverly are persuaded to take their award-winning comedy show to the US by a studio exec. When they arrive at the studio they quickly realise that the exec hasn’t even seen their show and he wants to change everything about it.

Matt LeBlanc plays himself and I love him in it, he is cast as the ‘star’ of the new show and he has a bit of a love-hate relationship with Sean and Beverly. There are a few friends references in there which is nice and

It has a great mix of supporting characters and is very funny.

Netflix Picks -Mishmeshblog

So these are the series I have been loving on Netflix. What are your Netflix picks at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and bye for now xx 

16 thoughts on “My Top five Netflix Picks

  1. I’m not a big Netflix watcher, I just barely feel like I have the time to just lay and watch something on there. Instead I just have my TV playing in the background all the time hahaha 😀 The only I used to watch on Netflix is orange is the new black – love that series <3

  2. Oooh, I keep hearing about The Crown but have yet to watch it!! Will definitely have to check it out this weekend. Right now, my favorite shows are definitely Love and Easy. 🙂 Really great post!

    1. You should check it out, so go;) thanks for the comment 😉 oooo I’ve seen this on there but haven’t watch it yet 😉 I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for reading xx

    1. I’m really liking Suits series 8 as well, especially with the new characters they have bought in. I know what you mean. Let me know what you think of episodes, hope you enjoy it, might give Limitless a go, thanks for reading my post xx

  3. I’ve recently got Netflix but have needed some good suggestions to watch, I used to watch episodes when it was on TV and loved it, safe to say I’ll definitely be rewatching it! x

    Han |

    1. I loved Episodes, hope you enjoy all the series suggestions. Would love to hear your favourites too xx

  4. Great mix of series, I especially adore suits for the same reason. It’s smart, sassy and sleek, you easily get invested into the story and characters. Stay fabulous.


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