15 prop ideas for great blog photography


Let’s talk about blog photography, One of the things I love about blogging is taking photos. There is something really creative about trying to come up with new ideas to keep my photos looking fresh!

When I first started taking photos I didn’t have any props and I didn’t think that I needed any either. Now a year or so on I now have an ever growing collection of all sorts of different blog props.

So in this post, I would like to share some of the props I use that have helped me up my blog photography game.


1. White sheet or Pillowcase

A very simple but a very effective prop. Everyone loves a clean white background and a pillowcase or flat sheet will do the job just fine. By using it as a background or for a flat lay it will really help show off your subject matter.

2. Books, magazines and notebooks

These are perfect to add a bit of colour or make your photo look more interesting. Book covers can be very eye-catching, and with magazines only costing a few pounds, you can change them quite regularly to keep those photos looking different.

3. Postcards

Postcards are a recent addition to my blog prop collection and I’m loving them, Paperchase especially has some great ones with some cool quotes. My favourite one at the minute is ‘too glam to give a damn’.

4. Glasses and sunglasses

Finally wearing glasses comes in handy, I use my glasses quite a lot in photos, especially if I photographing books, they work great in a flatlay as well.

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5. Flowers or flower petals

Pretty much all of my photographs have a bunch of flowers in them. I have a white bunch and pink bunch. I think using flowers adds a bit of a seasonal theme to my photos.

The pink and white flowers usually feature in the photos I take in Spring and Summer. I have red rose petals and loose poppies that I use for Autumn and Winter photos.

I’m all about a loose theme in photos, either a seasonal element or a signature colour. I think incorporating a small theme works really well.

6. Jewellery

When I first started taking photos and I realised that I needed to add a few props to make my photos look a bit more interesting, I decided to use the things I already owned. In practically all of my early photos I used my Fossil watch and my Pandora rings, they are perfect to fill little spaces in the foreground of a photo.

7. Pegs

These became a prop by accident, I bought these when I made my friend’s wedding seating plan and just never used them and they are great to make the photo look a bit more interesting.

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8. Wrapping paper or wallpaper samples

I love using different types of wallpapers as a background and they are a great way to add colour and make a photo look more interesting. They are also free from DIY stores which is an added bonus.

I also use left over wrapping paper as backgrounds and switch them around depending on what time of year it is. I have a lovely pink floral sheet which I use during summertime.

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9. Coasters

These go great in a flatlay they add a colour and I have a few different ones. Quotes about Gin and penguin ones of course are the ones I use a lot.

10. Candles and other trinkets

Candles are great way to add something extra to a blog photo, before I bought any type of lighting they helped add a bit of extra light to photos, which was very useful in wintertime.

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I’m not sure what they are called, but I call them trinkets, my friend calls them dust collectors. They are the little things you will always find in Dunelm or Next, those little wooden hanging signs with a cool quote. I have collected many and like to use different ones to fit in around seasonal themes.

11. Cinema Letter Light box and letters

This was the first prop I ever bought, I saw it in Next and thought it would be perfect for my photos. Since I bought it I pretty much used it in every photo, but now I tend to use the letters for flat lays. Even though I bought mine ages ago they are still very popular and you can pick them up in many shops on the high street.

12. Cushions and pillows and throws

I love using cushions, pillows and throws as they are great to put in the background. I think they create a lovely warm and homely vibe too.

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13. Mugs

I love adding a cup of tea to a picture, it looks nice with a book or iPad and it also adds a nice homely and cosy vibe to the finished picture.

Novelty mugs look great in pictures too. One of my favourites is my Chip mug, I sometimes put single flowers in it or beads and it creates a nice element to the photo.

Mish Mesh Blog - October Favourites

14. Fairy lights

These don’t feature an awful lot in my pictures but I do use them in photos  that I take around Christmas time. Which help make the photos look more festive.

15. Laptop and iPad

A laptop or a iPad works well if you want to take a picture of what you are currently watching on TV. They are great to add to the corner of a flat lay.

So these are all my ideas for blog props to help you up your blog photography, I hope you enjoyed reading it and hopefully a get a little bit of inspiration for your own photos.


What are your favourite blog props? Let me know in the comments below.

Bye for now xx


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    1. I’ve only recently started using them, but such a good prop as you can update photos quickly! Glad you enjoyed my post and hope it gave you some cool ideas xx

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