February Favourites

The things I have been loving this February

Wow, what a February it has been! It feels like it has been a long month, I’ve been spending lots of time with friends for Baby Showers, 30th Birthdays and Weddings which has been a blast!

The weather this month has been an interesting one too, it seems like we have had a few seasons in one month with a hint of spring and then being thrown back into the cold winter weather with the snow this week. Hopefully, spring will be on its way very soon.

Anyway, that’s all for my very quick monthly round-up! Let me get on with my February Favourites.

Jojo Moyes – The Girl you left behind

I’m still trying to keep up reading before I go to bed, as I get a better nights sleep if I do. I have been enjoying is this book by Jojo Moyes, this is the first book of hers that I have started reading, I really enjoyed the film Me before you, which is based on her book, So I thought I would give this one a go.

It tells the story of two women in two different time periods which stretch over 100 years. I have just started reading this book over the last week and have only read a few chapters so I’ll let have to let you know how the story pans out. I love a good tearjerker sometimes.

L’oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask

You guys know I love a facial and L’oreal Paris have some good ones in their range. This face mask is no exception, I love it. I have been quite stressed lately and I sometimes suffer from breakouts, so this mask is a godsend.

Not only do I find face masks relaxing, but this blemish mask helps reduce the redness in my skin and leaves my skin looking really refreshed.


Cacao Mint Protein Bounce Ball

These little bounce balls are my favourite things to snack on at the moment. They taste so good and I like to think that they aren’t too bad for me either. They contain 10g of Protein and they are Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

I usually pick one up when I’m getting petrol on my way to work. They are a good little morning pick me up and they help keep me feeling full until lunchtime. I also like the Cacao Orange flavour as well. They have loads of different flavours in their range so hopefully, you will find one you enjoy.


L’oreal Skin Expert Paris Fine Flowers Gel-Cream Face Wash

I know I have been writing a lot about L’oreal skin care products recently, but L’oreal has become my go-brand at the moment. I love trying out all the products they have in their range. This Fine Flowers daily face wash is my new favourite, which I have added to my skincare routine.

I use it most mornings and I love how soft it leaves my skin. It gets rid of the redness I get when I have a few spots and it is so gentle on my skin.

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Penguin Throw

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you will know by now that I’m a little obsessed with Penguins. It has been so cold this week so I have been snuggling under my favourite throw to keep warm while I chill out after a hard day at the office.

I love the silhouettes of the penguins in different shades of grey and I quite like how the print is quite minimal. It also fits in with my colour scheme and it happens to be very cosy and soft too. It was also a bargain when I got it a few years ago at Matalan.



As the weather has been a bit rubbish, I’ve been quite lazy, to be honest. I have spent most of my evenings chilling out and watching Suits. I have become quite obsessed I am already on series 6. Suits is about a young college drop Mike Ross who impresses top lawyer Harvey Spectre with his quick thinking, but he hasn’t graduated and has no law degree.

I love all the characters and how they interact with each other. I have a love/hate thing with Louis Litt, the second I start to like him, he does something stupid that makes me dislike him again, but he does have some good one-liners. I love Harvey, in the early episodes he seems a very hard character that no one can crack but as the series progresses you see a much softer side to his character. Donna is just Donna and she is awesome.

If you haven’t caught Suits on Netflix yet, I would strongly suggest you add it to your watchlist as it is such a good and addictive series, it has filled the space that the Crown left behind.

So these are thing things I have been loving throughout February. I would love to know the things you have been loving lately, please let me know in the comments below. Until next time xx

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