2018 New year’s resolutions to keep

Mish Mesh Blog - 2018 New year’s resolutions to keep

This time of year for many of us brings a time for reflection, some of us think of the year we are leaving behind and what we achieved and maybe what we didn’t achieve (I for one am very guilty of this)

But I don’t want to do this anymore! I don’t want to be negative about oh, I didn’t do this or I haven’t done that, blar blar blar! It makes me feel really shit about myself. And let’s face it there is enough going on in the world to get us down.


I am sure I am NOT the only person or woman that thinks like this. I have read so many posts by so many bloggers and had conversations with so many female friends, who see themselves in a negative light and feel that they aren’t good enough.

So If I can ask one little favour from everyone, the women who I am friends with (and all whom I think are pretty damn awesome in their own unique way), all the bloggers and other women who may read this post, stop putting yourself down! We are all way too hard on ourselves.

We are all good enough, we are all smart, strong and we are all pretty damn awesome and what we think are ‘flaws’ are really the things that make us unique. They make us who we are! It would be very boring if we’re all identical. So for 2018 let’s just embrace what is pretty awesome about us.


Let’s not set ourselves goals that are unachievable, let’s set goals that make us and others around us feel good.

Let’s not tear one another down to make ourselves feel good, a strong woman is someone who encourages others around them. I think we all need to be a little kinder to ourselves and kinder to the people around us as well.

I have thought about this a lot of the last couple of days, and  I want to carry good vibes and positivity into 2018, so I have set myself some fitting resolutions.

-Continue to be awesome

-Always think about others

-Be supportive to others around me

-Continue to treat others how I want to be treated myself.

During 2017 I felt very empowered and I want others around me to have the same feeling in 2018.

That’s all I wanted to say in this blog post today. I hope you all take away the positive and kind vibes I am sending out.

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I hope everyone has a fab 2018, let’s all be kinder to others and ourselves and all be pretty damn awesome! xx

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