2017 – A year review

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This time of year I can’t help but get quite reflective, it is always nice to remember all the things you have done and all the things you have achieved throughout the year and to start planning for the year ahead.


This year professionally has been quite a good one. I am really proud of this blog. Just over a year ago I decided to start one, with the aim to improve my writing skills and have a go at photography.

With everything we do, there is always room to grow, develop and get better, and I think I have done all these things and I want to continue to do so. This blog is an extension of my creativity and a way for me to nurture new talents I haven’t explored before.


I am also proud of myself in my day job too. I got a promotion to a Marketing Executive, something that I have worked hard for over the last year.

Personally, this year has been pretty cool too, because I have seen many friends become mothers, get engaged and get married. For some of the weddings, I have even been a bridesmaid, which has been so exciting to be a part of.

The Future…

It is good to set achievable goals for the year ahead.  A lot of my goals are focused on my blog, so here goes…


My 2018 blogging goals

I want to keep constantly growing my blog and reach new audiences, compared to most I still have quite a small following, but I see my small growth as an achievement (slow and steady wins the race and all that!)

I want to engage with my followers and produce content that people will enjoy. I see each new follower as an achievement in itself.


I want to try and push myself even more, so you may see content on different or new subjects as I always want to challenge myself.

But most of all I want to produce content that is fun, content that I want to read myself and that is true to who I am as a person.


I want to continue to improve my photography, as it is something I really enjoy doing. Looking back on some of my old photos it is nice to see how far I have already come. 

As I grow in the next year or so I want to experiment with new mediums, I want to maybe try video content and use Instagram stories a lot more.


I hope you have enjoyed my blog this year. I want to thank everyone who has read any of my posts or liked a picture on my Instagram feed or interacted with me on Twitter, as it has been so lovely to get nice feedback and support from fellow bloggers. All of you guys are amazing.

I can’t wait to produce more content for you guys to hopefully enjoy.

Let’s raise a glass to 2018! Cheers

Cheers to Brighton Gin Club

What type of content do you want to see from me in 2018? Please let me know in the comment box below, see you really soon Xx.

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