GinMas – Day Twenty Four

Mish Mesh Blog - GinMas Day Twenty Four

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Can’t believe how quickly this month has gone by!

So let me reveal the final gin in my Ginvent countdown…

File_002 (14).jpeg

The gin I have picked for today is Sipsmith Sloe Gin, I felt it was the perfect gin to drink on Christmas Eve. I love drinking this gin, especially in the winter.

Made with Sloe berries that are picked in the autumn, they are left to rest in Sipsmiths London Dry Gin.


Today I have paired this sloe gin with Sicilian Lemonade, which tastes amazing, it adds a bit of zestiness to the sweetness of the sloe berries.

I hope you enjoy drinking the last gin from my GinMas countdown, thank you for joining me. I hope you have enjoyed this countdown as much I have and have been inspired to try some new gins.

Happy Christmas everyone xx

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