GinMas – Day Twenty

Mish Mesh Blog - GinMas Day Twenty

It’s now day twenty of our Ginmas countdown! I Can’t believe it is almost over (I’m a little bit sad about it)

Anyway, the gin for today is Brockmans Gin! Another favourite of mine.


Brockmans is distilled with 10 different botanicals including juniper berries, Bulgarian coriander, blueberries, blackberries, almonds, orris and orange peel.


It has quite a distinctive flavour which I love, and with all the different botanicals in it’s recipe, it gives a fruity and smooth taste.

I like to drink Brockmans with Ginger ale and garnish it with blueberries.

Tomorrow I will be revealing gin number twenty one, so keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter and Instagram x

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