GinMas – Day Eleven

Mish Mesh Blog - GinMas Day Eleven

Well hello day eleven, today is the turn of Cabin pressure, a fairly new gin that I discovered at Brighton Gin Club’s Festival of Sussex Gins. This gin is made in a unique way, vacuum distilled in a garden shed in Horsham. The way it is distilled maximises the flavour of the finished gin.


I love the story behind it and I love gins that are distilled in my local area too.  Once we tried this gin, we just had to have it, so it now sits proudly in our collection and we want to share this one with all our friends.


Cabin Pressure is distilled with 6 carefully chosen botanicals including spicy junipers, ginger, cardamom and angelica root.


This gin tastes lovely with an Indian tonic and garnished with lemon and basil.

Tomorrow I will be revealing gin number twelve, so keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter and Instagram x

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