Gift ideas for the gin lover in your life

Mish Mesh Blog - Gift ideas for the gin lover in your life

I have never really done a gift guide before, but with it being Christmas I thought I would give it a go!

As I gin lover myself I’d thought I would share some of the great gifts that are around that are gin themed.

So here goes…my gifts ideas for the gin lover in your life.

Selection of tonics and mixers

For any gin lover, a selection of tonics will always be useful. With so many on the market, there are loads to choose from and both Fever Tree and Fentimans have some new additions to their ranges this year.


Some of my favourites are Sicilian Lemonade, Elderflower Tonic, Fentimans Pink lemonade and the new tonic from Fever Tree Clementine Tonic, which tastes lovely.

These tonics are available in most supermarkets

Gin Coasters

Some cute and quirky gin themed coasters would be the perfect stocking filler. These are great for resting a nice cold G&T on.

I picked these up at the Brighton Gin Club’s Festival of Sussex Gins, back in September and I have used them ever since.

A little book of gins, tonics and garnishes

This cute pocket sized book, which available from Gin Foundry, is a great gift for someone who has just started drinking gin. It lists over 50 different gins and tells you the perfect tonic and garnish to compliment each of them.

I love how the book is laid out, each page has a beautiful illustration of the gin bottle and it’s selected garnish, along with a small introduction about that particular gin and the botanicals that are in the recipe.

It is a great way to discover a new gin and to understand what the best garnishes are to have with each gin.


Gin Foundry have just released a second version of this book which has even more gins than the first edition.

Dartington Crystal Gintuition Glasses, Set of 3

In my opinion, for a gin and tonic to be perfect, you have got to have the perfect glass! (might just be me?)

This set of three glasses from Dartington is such a great gift, there are three glasses in the set. A martini glass, and copa stem Glass (which is my favourite, loads of room for ice and garnish) and a highball glass which are  great for a Tom Collins!

These sets are available from John lewis

Make your own Gin Kit

This gin kit gives you the ingredients and instructions you need to make your own compound gin at home. This kit is from Kitchen Provisions, it includes a number of different botanicals which you can use to create your very own unique gin.

Kitchen Provisions have a selection of kits, this is the introductory gin kit, but you can also buy others including a Sloe gin kit and a Christmas blend kit. They also sell little botanical boost kits, which contain a selection of different botanicals.


I think this is a perfect gift for any gin lover, it gives them a chance to have a go a making their very own gin, and you never know you might get to try the finished result.

Available from kitchen provisions 

Novelty gift ideas

These are little fun themed gift ideas that I couldn’t leave out.

Gin and tonic flavoured lip balm

A perfect little stocking filler, I’ve seen quite a few lips balms, and I was given one last year. I love how zesty it tastes. This one is available from Not on the high street.

Gym? I thought you said Gin tote bag

This is another great little gift for a gin lover, a little tote bag always comes in handy! I picked this up in a little gift shop near where I live, but not on the high street have loads of different slogan totes to choose from.


So that was my gin inspired gift guide. I hope it has given you some gift ideas for the gin lover in your life.

Here’s to a great Christmas, If you want some more GINspo check out my GinMas calendar countdown here

Thanks for reading and see you on the next one x

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