GinMas – Day Nine

Mish Mesh Blog - GinMas Day Nine

We are now nine gins into the countdown! So let me reveal the gin for today, which is Tanqueray No Ten.


Named after the still number it was distilled from, also known as ‘Tiny Ten’. It is distilled with fresh citrus fruits, some other gins are distilled with just the peel of the citrus fruits but in this gin the whole grapefruit, orange and lime are used.


The taste is really refreshing and is great to have during the summer.

In the summer I like to drink it with an Elderflower Presse, as it is so refreshing. Tanqueray is also a lovely gin to use for gin-based cocktails as well.


But my favourite pairing is with a Mediterranean tonic and grapefruit as a garnish, to really bring out the grapefruit flavours.

Tomorrow I will be revealing gin number ten, so keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter and Instagram x

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