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Mish Mesh Blog - Versatile Blogger Award

So this is very cool! I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award, it is lovely to be nominated by fellow bloggers, it is so nice to feel supported by the lovely people in this community.

These awards are a great way to help promote each other and a great way to discover and get to know new bloggers.

Thank you so much to Hellomissmarie who nominated me. She has a great blog so don’t forget to check it out and also give her a follow on twitter.

The rules of the Versatile Awards are simple, all you have to do is share 7 facts about yourself and ask your fellow bloggers to do the same.


So… let me share mine

1. I Love. FOOD. my favourite meal (especially this time of year) has to be a roast dinner! And of course, it has to be served with all of the trimmings! Which MUST include parsnips, they are my favourite roast dinner vegetable. It’s not a proper roast without my parsnips!

2. I’m quite a down to earth, the girl next door! I’m not very ‘high maintenance’ I’m not a girl that wouldn’t dare leave the house without any makeup on! Sometimes I just can’t be bothered! especially in the summer (that’s what sunglasses are for), I’m not big on designer brands either.

3. I sort of have a life motto! Which I always try and stay true to, which is ‘treat others how you would like to be treated yourself’. I think now more than ever we should always try and be nice to each other and think of others.

4. I am a very patient person, I always try and keep my cool in most situations, I also think I keep my cool when I’m under pressure and I keep my emotions in check. (which can sometimes be a bad thing.)


5. For some reason I have always seen myself as a bit of a geek, I’m surprised when people say I’m cool! I’m just happy being me.

So now it’s time for me to do some nominating! I have recently started following some new bloggers over on Twitter, I really love the content they are putting out and want to give them a little shout out!








I have really enjoyed writing this post, it’s fun to think of some fun facts about yourself, and also find out about your nominees! 


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, Thanks again to Hellomissmarie for nominating me, please check out her content and the content of all the bloggers I have nominated.

Hope you are having a great week and I’ll catch up with you soon x

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