Five reasons to fall in love with Autumn

Mish Mesh Blog - Five reasons to fall in love with Autumn

I’ve finally come to terms that Summer is now over and Autumn has arrived, I’m still a little bit sad about it, if I’m honest, but I must snap out of it!

What better way cheer me up than to write a list about Five reasons to love Autumn. It is a nice time of year really, BBQ’s get swapped for Sunday roasts (one reason) and some of the key trends and colours for Autumn I am loving this year.

I’m rambling a bit now, so here are my five reasons to fall in love with Autumn…

Autumn Fashion

I am a fan of flowing summer dresses and flip flops but, I do love a bit of Autumn style, the layering warm jumpers, scarfs and hats, I love my big woolly checked scarf, which I can’t wait to wear again. I also have my eye on a few new pieces to update my wardrobe, roll on pay I say!

Autumn Shades - Mish Mesh Blog

Autumn Shades

Now October is almost here, it brings some new autumn shades. During spring and summer, I wear bright nail polishes and pink, nude lip shades. Now I’m looking forward to vamping up my makeup look with some darker shades, plum especially. I am loving the- Rimmel Berries and Cream nail polish and of course the Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Colour in Plum it up. I also love wearing Greys, Browns, and Reds.


TV and cosy nights in

One of thing I love at this time of year is after a long day at work, is coming home and getting all comfy in my winter pyjamas and snuggling under a warm blanket, where I will drink tea and watch TV. At the moment we are quite spoilt for choice with what’s on the telly box! Doctor Foster, Great British Bake Off, Cold Feet, and the return of Strictly Come Dancing. I am a massive strictly fan and I love it every year.

Sunday Roasts and warm pub fires

This is probably my favourite reason to love Autumn, I was sad at the thought of summer ending, and my boyfriend reminded me that we would be having pub roast dinners soon (YES!)

My idea of a perfect Sunday is heading out to a pub for a roast, I love walking into a warm pub and the smell of the roast dinners just hit you and seeing a lovely warm fire to sit by. It is so cosy and inviting, I’m so excited just thinking about it.

File_000 (1)

Sloe Gin Season

Some people think a G&T is only for summer, with all the fruity flavours and garnishes, and of course with Pimms being everywhere during the warm months, so you can’t really blame them.

But let’s not forget Sloe Gin, with sloe berries coming into season, it is the perfect time to get into drinking Sloe Gin, I think it’s the perfect winter drink. I love Sloe Gin, Some of my favourites are Sipsmiths and Black Shuck Sloe Gin, they taste lovely with either bitter lemon or Sicilian lemonade. Last year I also discovered mulled sloe gin, which was a game changer.


So these are my reasons to fall in love with Autumn, I’m off for my first roast dinner! What are the things you love about this time year? Until next time xx


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  1. This is a great post! I absolutely love fall fashion, as well (: the colors are so pretty! I love the crisp air and beautiful scenery this time of year. xx

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