I have discovered the best club ever…Gin Club!

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Well hello, my fellow Gin lovers, I am very excited to share this post with you, I’ve stumbled across a great place you can check out if you are local to Brighton and are partial to a G&T (or three).

Brighton Gin Club.. (yes, you read correctly a Gin Club!)

Brighton Gin Club is run by fellow gin lovers Jason and Jo, on the hunt for interesting and exciting gins, gin pairings and general gin knowledge best of all they want to share all this knowledge with fellow gin lovers like you and me.

Like most clubs you have to stick to a few rules, Brighton Gin Club is no exception, their 3 rules are…

  1. You must be over 18
  2. You must love gin
  3. You must tell everyone about Gin Club (So that’s what I’m doing!)

For this post I want to tell you all about gin club, my first visit to one of their events and how cool it is.

I first discovered Brighton Gin Club a few months ago on instagram @brightonginclub and saw that they held a gin tasting event with local distillers Chilgrove. It looked like so much fun and since then I’ve been really keen to attend one of their events.

Brighton Gin Club host many different events around Brighton and Hove, gin tastings, an opportunity to meet the makers and gin and food nights, with plenty more events planned throughout the summer.

I went to a meet the maker evening with Fentiman’s (the brewers of premium mixers, as if you didn’t know already) in an intimate setting in Skyfall restaurant in Hove. Throughout the evening we were treated to a brief history lesson about Fentimans, and the unique way they brew (yes, brew) their mixers. All while tasting three different gins, paired perfectly with Fentimans mixers.

On arrival we were greeted in the best possible way, handed a freshly poured Bloom Gin and tonic from Jason & Jo. Once we had settled in our seats, Jason thanked us all for attending and ran through the rules of Gin Club, he then introduced Nicola from Fentiman’s who was our host for the evening.

The hosts for the night, Jason, Nicola and Jo

Fentimans have been botanically brewing their tonics for over a hundred years and today the company still remains in the Fentiman family, which is now owned by the great grandson of Thomas Fentiman.

Thomas Fentiman was an iron puddler, who was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan. They made a deal and a recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer was used as security. The loan was never repaid and Thomas Fentiman became the owner of the unique recipe.

The company began when he started producing botanically brewed ginger beer and delivering them door to door from handmade stone jars, which were known as grey hens.

As ginger beer is where Fentimans started, it only seemed right that the first tasting of the evening was Aviation Gin paired with Fentiman’s Ginger Beer garnished with mint.

Aviation Gin is a American gin, which has botanicals of juniper, cardamom, lavender, anise seed and coriander. It has a sweet and spicy taste. The Ginger Beer which is made with the finest ginger root really complimented this gin and brought out the coriander, which gave the gin a bit of an extra kick.

Next up was Death’s Door, an American gin which has a simple mix of botanicals including organic juniper berries, coriander and fennel paired with Fentiman’s Herbal Tonic.

This tonic has floral and herbal flavours which really complement the gin and make it very light and refreshing, (especially on a warm summer evening). This was my favourite gin of the evening, I am fast becoming a big fan of gins with floral flavours.

As we were sipping our Death’s Door we learnt about the unique 7 day brewing process and botanically brewing. A traditional way of making drinks using a combination of infusion, blending and fermentation of natural ingredients.

Last but not least, our final tasting of the evening was “Fifty Pounds” a London Dry Gin, paired with Fentiman’s Tonic Water and garnished with lemon. Fifty Pounds is distilled with botanicals of juniper berries, coriander seeds, orange and lemon peel and angelica root.

It is called 50 pounds because of the 1736 Gin Act, which an annual tax of £50 was charged to anyone who wanted to produce and sell gin. During this time a group of London distillers can up with an original gin recipe and named it Fifty Pounds in honour of the Gin Act tax.

It is quite a dry gin and is a bit of palette cleanser. I liked how refreshing it was and it was a nice gin to end with.

To top off a really great evening there was a few prizes up for grabs, a hamper filled with Fentimans tonics, a bottle of Fifty Pounds Gin and a set of balloon glasses. Unfortunately I didn’t win, however no one left empty handed as we each walked away with a Fentiman’s goodie bag (awesome!)

This was my first Brighton Gin Club event and it certainly won’t be my last, It was a great evening. I learnt a bit more about Fentimans tonics and how their mixers can complement certain gins. It was also great to try new gins that I haven’t had the chance to try before, with Death’s Door being my new discovery and favourite of the evening.

The whole night was brilliant from start to finish, very welcoming and relaxed. I liked how Jason and Jo came round and chatted to everyone asking what we thought of each gin, and encouraging us to try the gin neat before we added any tonic.

I would recommend Brighton Gin Club to any gin lover, it is a great way to spend an evening learning more about gin, with friendly hosts who are enthusiastic about all things gin and love what they do.

So join the club and head down to one of their events, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Aviation Gin with Ginger Beer
Enjoying a Bloom Gin
Death’s Door with Fentiman’s Herbal Tonic Water
Enjoying an Aviation Gin
Fifty Pounds with Fentiman’s Tonic Water
Some of the Fentiman’s Goodies

Until next time gin lovers xx

If you want to find out about Brighton Gin Club and their upcoming events visit www.brightonginclub.com

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  1. We are really glad you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you at a future event.
    We have a free GIN Social event coming up on 28th which includes a free G&T too. 40 gins to try including an exclusive first taste of Old Hove Gin. Details are on our site.

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