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Well hello June! Its nice to see you. I can’t believe we are halfway through the year already! Where did that go?

As I write this post in ‘sunny’ Brighton it has been a stormy few days but the weather at the weekend was gorgeous…Please come back.

That’s enough of my rambling on… here are the things I’ve been loving this May.


This isn’t the first time Soap and Glory have made it onto my favourite list, they are fab products, great for a bit of luxury pampering. With summer almost here (fingers crossed) these are great products to use to get your skin ready for daylight.

Going from a cold environments to warm ones my skin can get a little dry and when you add shaving into the mix, I can get a bit flaking (sexy I know) So this salt scrub is lovely, it smells amazing and leaves my legs really really soft.

The Heel genius is a moisturiser that you put on before you go to bed and leave on overnight. It soften your heels and after a few uses I can see that they look and feel softer, ready to put into my flip flops. It also smells amazing.


I love my Garnier cleansing water, so I was really excited to try this Toner.

Garnier have bought out a whole range of 96% natural skincare that include the ingredients Honey Flower for very dry skin, Rose Water for dry and sensitive skin and Aloe Extract for normal skin.

The Toner I have gone for is for oily and combination skin, as my skin can get a bit oily. After using this toner for a few weeks everyday and night, I have really noticed that my skin looks less oily and the spots around my temples have cleared.


If you are a regular reader of mine, you should know by now, I’m a bit of gin fan…(I love the stuff) I have a little collection and after trying this one at my local gin bar I wanted to buy it.

I drink this gin with Elderflower tonic and garnish it with strawberries (which I eat after I have finished my gin/gins). I think it is the perfect drink for this time of year as I find it very refreshing.


When the sun is shining we all need a stylish pair of sunglasses. I picked these up from Vision Express after practically going into every sunglasses shop you can imagine. I have prescription sunglasses so sometimes the choice is a bit limited for frames.

I instantly fell in love with these, I wanted a tortoise shell frame, but what I love is the pink and purple shades mixed in with the traditional tortoise shell print, which make them a bit more feminine.


First of all can I just say Netflix have really upped their game, when I first subscribed to it, there wasn’t a lot of stuff that caught my eye, but they have loads of original series available, one of them being 13 Reason Why.

This series has gained a lot of attention I think for the right reasons, as I think it has encouraged young people to talk about mental health, which can only be a good thing.

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it, but it is about a young girl called Hannah Baker who has committed suicide and leaves behind tapes explaining why she did it.

It also focuses on how everyone in her life deals with her suicide, one of her friends Clay (who I love BTW) finds it hard to deal with. In some parts it’s not easy to watch as it takes on heavy subject matter (sorry won’t say too much more as I don’t want to spoil it) but it is so worth the watch.


I have quite a mixed taste in music, my music tastes change with my mood. BUT I am loving a bit of Motown, I find it really uplifting to listen to especially after all the sad news we have had lately. It is something a little different. The playlist I have is from Spotify which is called Motown 50.



Quite a long one this time round, I hope you have enjoyed reading my May favourites, What have you been loving lately? Feel free to leave a comment below as I would love to know. See you on the next one x


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