What’s the point in cheating Instagram?

Mish Mesh Blog - What's the point in cheating Instagram?

So quick recap for anyone who missed it…on Easter Sunday there was quite a hoo-ha on Twitter, after Em Sheldon put out a bit of an angry Snapchat which highlighted all the fakers and cheaters on Instagram. She shared a reliable way to find out who the fakers are on your feed. Which of course lit up lots of opinions on Twitter.

As usual, I was a bit late to the party, partly because I was eating my weight in chocolate and/or having a mid-Sunday afternoon nap!

I’m not using my blog as a platform to have a go at anyone or name and shame, what you do with your own Instagram feed is your business, but all this drama about the Instagram Bot does make me question why cheat in the first place?

There is a big digital space out there and I think there is enough room for everyone to do their thing, but it does get frustrating when I find out people are cheating the system.

As a new blogger I have gained an real understanding of all the hard work that goes into blogging. The constant struggle to come up with new ideas for a post, creating and sticking to a content plan, setting up that perfect shot for you social media platforms, It’s not glamorous and it ain’t easy, but I love receiving feedback from my readers and seeing that people like what I’m doing on my social platforms. So I do feel cheated when people are taking short cuts and faking it. And I want to know why?

Surely it’s more rewarding to see your platforms grow organically after you have put so much work and effort into your content? If you are then lucky enough to get recognised by a well known brand, doesn’t that seem more of a reward than thousand of fake followers that you gained in a few weeks? Or is it just like everything else that seems to be wrong with our culture these days, we want that quick fix and instant success.

But hopefully this whole Instagram ‘BotGate’ will make everyone think and wake up, hopefully the industry and brands won’t be so number driven and it will be more about the quality and authenticity of the content that is being produced.

And I really hope in the end these Instagram cheats never

Phew sorry if this felt like a bit of a ranty I just felt like sharing my opinions have a great day guys and see you on the next one x

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