April Gin Picks

Mish Mesh Blog - April Gin Picks

I can’t believe another month is over, where did it go? A new month brings new gin picks, you lucky devils! This month brings lighter evenings, which means evenings can be spent down the beach in the sunshine perhaps with a G&T.

So anyway here are my Gin picks for April, take a little look and as always happy drinking, gin lovers x

Opihr Gin

I think this gin has a lovely story behind it. The botanicals of the Opihr are inspired by the ancient Spice Route. Merchants would travel hundreds of miles down the route trading exotic spices and botanicals from different lands. All these botanicals made their way to London’s oldest distillery.

This gin has a very different flavour to the other gins I have tried, you can really taste the spiced pepper. It’s really nice to have on the beach on a summer’s day, paired with Fever Tree ginger ale. I have seen that the recommended garnish is a bell pepper but I’m not brave enough to try it.

Tanqueray No Ten

Named after the still number it was distilled from, which is also known as ‘Tiny Ten’. It is distilled with fresh citrus fruits, some other gin are distilled with just the peel of the citrus fruits but in this gin the whole grapefruit, orange and lime are used.

The taste is really refreshing and is great to have during the summer. I usually pair this gin with and Indian tonic water and lime, but I also like to have it with elderflower presse. This gin is also great to use in gin-based cocktails.

Silent Pool

This gin is named after a haunted pool with can be found in the hills of Surrey. Distilled with 24 botanicals including lavender and chamomile.

Its also uses local honey, which gives it a smooth and refreshing taste. The recommended tonic is elderflower with an orange peel garnish, but it also tastes nice with Mediterranean tonic and lime as a garnish.

April Gin Picks
Opihr London Dry Gin
Tanqueray Number Ten
Silent Pool

So these are my picks for April, what Gins will you be drinking x?


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