What I Have Learnt From My Mum

This weekend we celebrate that one special lady in our lives, Our Mothers. You may have read from a previous blog that my Mum is no longer with me, but just because she isn’t here doesn’t stop me wanting to celebrate her and remember her.

So this year to remember her, I wanted to share with you what I have learnt from her.

Like it not, they always know the right things to say in any situation.

“Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing just worry about yourself.”

Ok I know what you may be thinking after reading this one, but this is not a selfish or a mean comment, my mum was in no way selfish.

I got this piece of advice was when I was in year 10 at school and I was worrying about mock GCSE results (worrying that they weren’t good enough), comparing myself to others around me, and my mum said “don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, just worry about yourself”.  

As a 15 year old at the time, it really helped me put things into perspective, why was I so wrapped up in what others around me were doing? Their results aren’t going to help me. This advice helped me shift my focus onto me, and I really knuckled down and worked hard and ignored what grades my peers were getting.

Even now I still remember this advice as it’s just as helpful now as it was then. I’m at that age where a lot of my friends are engaged, married or having kids, and i’m just not there yet. I sometimes compare myself to them and come up short. Which can make you feel let’s face a bit shit! If I catch myself doing this I instantly remember my mum’s advice and shift my focus on what i’am doing and if i’m happy with the situation.

If in doubt go without

This one is more of a helpful saying, than advice. When I was about 17, most Saturday’s my mum would meet me after work and we would go into town shopping. She was the best shopping buddy let me just add. She would twist my arm into buying those expensive boots that I had my eye on for ages, and she was very honest if clothes didn’t suit me, she could always tell if I wasn’t 100% sold on something, she would always say “if in doubt go without” I would then have a think about it and then not buy it. (It also made me think about all my purchases, I’m not much of an impulse buyer!)

I still remember that helpful saying and I think it can be applied to other areas of life as well, if you’re unsure about a guy you have liked for ages but for some reason you aren’t 100% certain on him, or a job offer you’re not too sure about then I just remember…if in doubt then go without…

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Me and my mum were partners in crime, where there was one the other one wasn’t far behind, we sometimes brought out the silly and mischievous side out in one another which caused lots of school girl giggles. One of my friends (who has known me for ages ) and had seen my mum like her own said to me “your mum was so fun, she who would skip down the road with you or do or say something funny just to make you laugh”

She didn’t care who saw her, or what they thought, she never took herself too seriously, and that is one thing I have definitely inherited from her, I like to think I have her care free nature and her sense for fun.

I think that is one of the best things I’ve learnt from her, her attitude and outlook on things and to always see the good in people and not to judge people, just give everyone a fair chance. But at the same time let them know if they have upset you and over stepped the mark, (that’s the part that is quite hard, but i’m getting better at it)

And a great beauty tip she shared with me

Always moisturise

My mum was very strict with her skincare regime. She would always moisturise every morning and every night WITHOUT FAIL! I remember her telling me to use a moisturiser that had SPF in it, and to apply it every morning, even in winter, as there is sun in winter! She would swear by Nivea as her night cream, and it worked because she looked very young for her age.

I listened to this advice and I started using moisturiser with SPF in since I was 19 and I’m currently using Simple Age Regeneration Cream with SPF 15. For night cream I haven’t been as strict i’m really bad at falling asleep before I put any on! (a habit i’m trying to break) but am currently using (when I remember) Olay Night Cream. Which is really light and makes my skin feel really soft.

Here are some old and slightly embarrassing pictures :/

What has your mum taught you? X

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