Lets celebrate the weekend with a Gin or two

Mish Mesh Blog - Let's celebrate the weekend with a gin or tw

Anyone who knows me will know I love a Friday! And what better way to celebrate the start of the weekend with a gin or two.

I met up with my two friends and we headed down to one of my favourite bars in Brighton, The Office, it’s a Gin bar, which is my idea of heaven. The Office has some lovely memories for me, it was where I had my first try of a Sipsmith Sloe Gin and it was also the bar I went to on my first date with my boyfriend.

On this visit, I sampled a few new gins (well 6 to be exact). I love going to gin bars, as it’s a great place to try new gins. And it’s great going with other gin lovers too. Out of my 6 gins, 5 of them were new ones I haven’t tried before. My last gin was one of my favourites at the minute Brighton gin. So here is a little bit about the gins I tried.

Brighton Gin

Distilled in Brighton all ingredients are locally sourced. This gin is distilled with juniper, orange and lime peel, coriander seed and milk thistle. Brighton gin is served with an orange peel to bring out its fresh citrus flavour, this one has become a strong favourite of mine as it has such a refreshing and citrus taste.


This is one my friend got me to try, and to be honest I’m not totally sure about it yet. Her gin was garnished with cucumber while my gin was garnished with lemon. This is an example of why it’s so important to get the right tonic and garnish as it can totally change the taste. But from reading up about this one, I’ve found that it is a Japanese inspired gin which is distilled in Scotland, and uses traditional gin botanicals and has hints of Cherry Blossom, yuzu fruit and sake. After having a little google you’re meant to have green apple as a garnish. I would definitely have to try this gin again when I find out what the correct garnish is.

Blackwood Vintage

The first gin of the night, made from using local ingredients from the island of Shetland,(which is near Scotland) which includes wild water mint, sea pink, angelica and juniper berries and seven other botanicals. Blackwood Vintage was right up my street as, I prefer the more fruity and floral tasting gins, this one had a crisp and refreshing taste.

Audemus Pink Pepper

I think I tried this gin before at The Gin Festival last year, but I wanted to give it another try. Distilled in the Cognac region of France. Pink Pepper is an interesting one, as the taste of gin changes. When it is chilled you can get a strong taste of the spice from the pink pepper but as the ice melts and the drink warms up it tastes sweeter and you get hints of vanilla and honey.


Like Jinzu this is another gin I’m a bit unfamiliar with, distilled in Northern Ireland. It has hints of elderberry and elderflower, if you have read previous gin posts this is a favourite flavour of mine. It has a floral and sweet flavour but It has hints of apple, coriander, Cassia and orange. It will be definitely on my list to drink again.

Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin

I ve seen this gin in a few pubs and have wanted to try it for ages, this is a pink gin which is distilled in Northamptonshire it has a strong rhubarb taste which is sweet and tangy. I had this gin with lemon and a fever tree tonic, but I have found out that it tastes nice with ginger ale. An interesting fact that I found out is that it was made using a crop of rhubarb that was originally grown in the garden of Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign.


These were my weekend gin choices, have you tried any of these? Next time you pass The Office maybe pop in and have a cheeky G&T they have loads to choose from and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.x

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