Four winter nail polishes every girl should have

Mish Mesh Blog - Four winter nail polish colours every girl should try

For people who don’t know me, I’m a girl that loves nothing more than painting my nails.
Normally my go to colours are bright and dark reds, but recently I have decided to switch up my colour palette to more neutral winter shades. The shades I think every girl should have at her fingertips this winter.

Rimmel London Salon Pro – 397 Beige Babe

This is the colour I have been wearing all week, and I am loving it right now. It’s a nice light brown (a bit like a coffee/mocha colour). It’s good shade for winter, as it doesn’t draw too much attention to your hands (as mine trend to get a bit dry this time of year). I am currently wearing this shade with a bit of glitter on the base of my nail to add a bit of sparkle (I got a bit inspired after seeing a few Instagram pics, and wanted to try something new.)

Rimmel London Salon Pro – 134 Moon

A light shade of grey, I think it would compliment the Beige Babe if you wanted to have two colours together. (sometimes I paint my 3rd finger nail a different colour) It gives a good coverage after 2 coats and lasts for a week with a good top coat. Another massive plus for me is it dries quite quickly.

Rimmel London Salon Pro – 711 Punk Rock

The colour in the bottle looks a bit deceiving as it looks slightly purple, but when it’s on your nails it a lovely dark grey. When I first tried it I wasn’t that sure but it’s really grown on me. It’s a nice dark shade (but not as dark or as harsh as a black nail, (I’m not a massive fan of black polish).

Rimmel London – 345 Black Cherries

This is probably my most favourite shade EVER! from the Rimmel London range, I have bought it for years and years. I like the tiny hint of shimmer in it, which shows up when it catches the sunlight. This is the shade that I normally wear through to spring.

I have tried other brands, but Rimmel London is my go brand. It is value for money and there are a wide variety of colours. The brushes are wider than the other brands I have tried which makes them easier to apply, you get a good coverage and for me they last a week with a top a top coat.


I hope you like my shades for winter? What shades are you wearing and what are your current or all time favourites? X

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