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Well I haven’t done a gin post for a while now, Soz about that! Also sorry if any of you are on dry January. Buts It’s almost Friday so here are my Gin picks for January. Happy drinking Gin lovers!

Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle

This one is quite a new addition to Sipsmith, available at M&S. I like it because it’s refreshing and has a strong taste of lemon, I thought it would be a lot sweeter, thinking it would taste like Lemon Drizzle cake (I don’t know why). It’s just a lovely zesty taste and goes lovely with a Fever Tree Indian Tonic with a lime as a garnish. It’s meant to work well  in cocktails (which I need to do some more research into.)

Edinburgh Raspberry Liqueur  

I got this one for Christmas and I’m obsessed with it. I have quite a sweet tooth, so this is the gin for me. It’s infused with Perthshire Raspberries. I have also found out it goes well with prosecco (I need to try this ASAP). I normally pair it with a Fever Tree Indian Tonic with lime as a garnish.

Williams Chase Extra Dry Gin

This one is another Christmas present. This one I would describe as a more traditional gin. It’s infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and almond. It’s really light and refreshing. I think you are meant to have this one with an Indian Tonic but I like to have it with an Elderflower Tonic with a bit lime.  




So these are the Gins I’ve been enjoying this January. What have been  your favourite gins this month or ever? X

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