The 2016 Review

Mish Mesh Blog - The 2016 Review

Before we step into 2017, Let’s review 2016.

Well, Another year is coming to an end, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone, It only seems like a couple of months ago, since we rung in 2016. Where has the time gone?

Before I begin to think about the year ahead and the things I want to try and achieve in 2017, I  want to take a few moments to think about all the stuff I got up to this year.

For me 2016 has to be the year of travel and also the year I tried new things. I have been lucky enough to go to a lot of new places, that I never thought I would get to do.

Here are some of my best moments of the year.

In May I went to visit my best friend in Auckland, New Zealand, and spent two weeks with her, which was so much fun. As she now lives there I got to see Auckland through the eyes of a local. We went to some great bars and little restaurants and did loads of fun activities.

In June I went for a little weekend away in Bologna, Italy to celebrate my boyfriend turning 30, we had so much fun exploring the food markets and eating loads of Italian dishes, while enjoying the hot weather.

Recently I got to fulfil a dream I had for ages of going to New York. For as long I can remember I’ve always wanted to go there, after watching films and TV series that are set in this amazing city. It really is the city that never sleeps. We also got a little bit of snow, which made the trip even more magical.


This year I also tried new things, such as White Water Rafting – which I was so scared to do, but loved every minute of it, Parasailing, whilst I was in Rotua, I had a bit of a failed attempt at Paddle Boarding (It was really hard and I kept falling off!) and I also had a bit more of a successful go at Wake Boarding, – which I loved and want to do again, when the weather warms up.

I also turned the big 30 and to celebrate I had a big 1930’s themed party with all my friends. I had so much fun on the night and preparing all the decorations for it.


I wanted to write this post to remind myself of all the things I have done this year and to share photos of my favourite memories, as life is all about making memories with loved ones.

At the end of a year I can be guilty of focusing on all the things that I haven’t achieved or the things I haven’t done. But as this year ends I wanted to remind myself all of the cool things I have done and all the countries I have visited.

So here’s to the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, where I want to continue focusing more on the positive things and to try and leave all the negative in the past.

Happy New Year everyone, See you for more blogs in 2017 x


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