What is Mish Mesh Blog all about ?

Mish Mesh Blog

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. When I started my blog I wanted to try and post a new blog post each week! As you can probably see I slightly have failed to do that.

In my day job as a marketer, We always say content is key. I want to make sure my content is interesting, So I have taken time out from my blog to really think about the direction I want to take it in, and the things I really want to say.

I found this quite hard, because I have loads of different interests and lots of different things I want to write about, which is why I called my blog Mesh Mish as I want to write about anything that is on my mind at a particular time, things I like or dislike or a product that I can’t get enough of.

As I am a newbie to this blogging world and writing doesn’t come all that natural to me, I’m quite critical of my writing and a I’m a bit nervous about putting myself out there. But sometimes it’s good to do things that challenge you and change you. It will hopefully be a blog that develops and grows as more time passes.

I hope this is a journey we can enjoy together.

I wanted to write this post to be honest with myself and with readers, to explain what my blog is about.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and other posts I have written. if you have any comments or tips, I would love to hear from you. Be back soon… I promise x


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