The Science of Gin

Our Gin collection is looking pretty healthy at the moment with 14 different gins. Hendricks, Whitley Neill, and the new Sipsmith Lemon drizzle to name a few.

With all this Gin we decided to get all scientific. We created mini Gin and Tonics in shot glasses and numbered them 1-11 (we had a Sloe Round as we have 3) and the tasting began.

We wanted to see if we could tell our favourites without the different garnishes and tonics and without the fancy branding. And to see if the ones we think we like came out on top.



There were a few surprises but mostly our favourites came out on top.

Whitley Neill, Tanqueray, Gordons Elderflower and the Sipsmiths Lemon Drizzle all scored well. Closely followed by Hendricks, Silent Pool, Brecon and Rogue Society.

And we were quite tipsy at the end of it.
Do you agree with our findings? Let me know in the comments.

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