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Recently I celebrated my 30th Birthday with a 1930’s themed party.
It was a great night and i’m missing all the prep that I did for it.

Here is how I created my decorations that give a nod to the 30’s on a low budget.

Party Decorations

I collected 6 wine bottles from my friends and removed all the labels and then filled the bottle with black paint to cover the inside of the bottle. I then used egg boxes to hold the bottles upside down for the paint to run out of the bottle and dry.

Photo Frames

I bought 6 white frames from Tescos and bought some gold paint from a local art shop. It took a while to cover them, but I was really pleased with the finished look.

I wanted to have quotes in my frames so I had a look on Pintrest and found some quotes that I liked and with the help of illustrator re-created them.

To finish of the decorations I bought some white pearls and white feathers from Ebay.

 Here are the finished decorations. 

also I got a few props and created my own photo booth… Here is all the fun we had.

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